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ANNOUNCEMENT: We baked up some tasty butterscotch and chocolate chip cookies

OK I am guessing that you all are confused and scared about this sudden change in my website. I am too but we have nothing to fear freiends. My old site is old and does not do everything that I wish I could do and I am looking at some other options. This new site here is not a for sure change or anything but I am going to try it out today and tomorow and I would like your help in giving it a good test. Please play arround create accounts or whatever and let me know what you think. To post comments you do not need to create an account just like the old site. Actually I think the new site will allow me and you to do just about everything we could on the old one. However If you do set up an account it will use your username for your comments and you will be granted total control of the site. So anyone with an account (anyone can get an account with no aproval from me or anyone) has the ability to do anything, you can add pictures or your own blog pages or other pages or set up a poll for the viewers. So I will still do my daily post but you all are welcome to add to it with your own accounts of what happend. Please help me try it out and give me some usefull feedback on what you think.

Now for my normal post:

So last night it was pouring down rain when I left work so I got home and sat on the couch and watched "The Shield from last night.
It was a good episode, really a good season in general. Does anyone know if this is the end of the show or just the season next week?

Near the end Heath showed up and was crazy about getting her new ring resized so she could wear it correctly. So we headed down to the plaza to get it resized. Apparently this takes a week to be done. I was surprised and expect a quick in house procedure but that was not the case.

Then we went to Harbor Freight because I needed to switch my tire on my truck arround and my jack was not working anymore. If you have never been to Harbor Freight I would really recomend giving it a shot for your cheep tools needs. They are really cheep, some just in price some in quality, many both.

But I was after a new floor jack and I feel like I did preaty well I found this guy:


I feel preaty good about the $40 purchase. This is 20-30 bucks less than the terrible Walmart jack I bought last time and I paid an extra $10 for a 3 year warrenty.

I also got some jack stands, another 4 way and some ratchet straps to use durring the move. I was near purchaseing a dolly


no not her a hand truck but could not find one I liked. I want one that looks heavy duty enough to haull some heavy stuff and not break but I really don’t think I want inflated tires. Inflated tires on a dolly seems like a bad idea because if one tire is lower on air then the other your heavy object will lean to one side.

So after some tool shopping Heath and I were starving and went home and fixed up some chicken noodles and peas. She watched the stove and I went outside and swapped the tires real quick.

I am still not certain my leaky tires problems are over but it’s easy to switch them out and refill now so I am not too worried. Dinner was really good and I can’t think of anything else exciting we did last night. Both Heath and I were tired from all the champagne last night and talking to everyone and stuff. Ohh yeah we made some cookies and they turned out preaty good and I made some adjustments to my bowfishing bow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So why is it the prewitt dot “brian anderson” ? Who is this guy. I like the new format already. It is much more professional looking. I also like the idea of being able to post pictures. This is strohm by the way as I dont see a place to put my name.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    Well he (Brian Anderson) set this new site up becuase my old site was painfull for him to look at. If we decide to go with it I will change it so when you type in you would go strait to this site.

  3. says:

    I read that there is one more season of the Shield.

  4. Anonymous says:

    they are alright, but not great. we used them at fry-wagner sometimes. as long as you keep the tires inflated, you’re in good shape, otherwise you’re eff’d. if you want to haul some really heavy stuff, i’d recommend a refridgerator dolly. they’re the best and they have straps to secure things to the dolly. but they have a short blade, which means you are limited in the items you can haul. we can discuss more about dollies in person, as it really depends on what you’re wanting to move.

    i got some sandoos yesterday. target for $18. the keen ones at dicks looked awesome, but i couldn’t afford $90 sandoos. the target ones will do just fine.

  5. Anonymous says:

    that comment above was posted by me, kevin

  6. Anonymous says:

    that comment above was posted by me, kevin

  7. Anonymous says:

    i think the format of the previous page is what made it so fun. i’d hate to see the ugly color format go away. i also don’t know about this comment section . . .


  8. Stooks says:

    Initially, this was supposed to be the last season of The Shield, but the creator thought he could do another season to focus more on the Strike Team. Or maybe it’s BS and Vic will get it next week! It’s been a great season, that’s for sure.

  9. Stooks says:

    I like the new comments section, because you can reply directly to the topic you wish to address. I don’t like how the page loads up with the post collapsed, though. I’d rather the full post load when you come to the page. Other than that, I’m all for the new design.

  10. Stooks says:

    The announcement doesn’t stand out enough. Forgot to mention that.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well maybe tomorow where it says “New Site” now I will replace with an announcemnt. Just like now it may or may not have anything to do with the rest of the post. Does that sound better?

    The part of the text on the main page is called the teaser and I can put as much or as little of the post on that page. Right now it is set for the last 5 posts to show up on that main page and then you go to whatever one from there. So maybe after tomorow’s post is up it will make more sence.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yeah the price of designer Sandoos is crazy kevin. I think my pair from last year is lost so let me know how the $18 pair work for you. I am mostly concerned with how comfortable they are and how much mud you can walk in before they get sucked off your feet. If I didn’t have to worry about mud I could get crocks. Also if you would take 2 min and set up an account we would know who you are.

  13. thePrewitt says:

    ha ha forgot I had logged out before i posted the last comment. I lose

  14. Russell says:

    The section telling who is online and you can see what they have added is nice. And is the new Gallery going to usefull Prewitt? Have you messed with that at all?
    I did like the old page because it looked like something you just made up at home and not a page you paid for. I think this looks almost too professional.

  15. thePrewitt says:

    yeah i hope to replace the photo album stuff on the old page with photo gallery stuff on the new page and I would think it would be really usefull on weekends or nights when lots of pictures are taken.

  16. Ge-off says:

    I’m enjoying the new site so far. Hopefully these comment sections are more stable than the other ones.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The old one seems more you too. But having the photo gallery would be nice. ~H

  18. Anonymous says:

    if you guys are going to leave comments, you at least have to come up with a subject . . . letting it take the first couple words of your post is just lazy.

    (i refuse to create an account until i see if this site sticks for sure)

  19. Anonymous says:

    Scroll down to your own, double-posted, comment saying “The above post was” and then eat your own words/feces. Jerk.

  20. Ge-off says:

    I saw one or two of yours that had no subject. Hypocrite.

    “Kevin, you’re such a disease” -Buzz

  21. Anonymous says:

    i was just posting something quick so everyone knew that the post was from me . . . that’s reasonable. i don’t know how it double posted, i only clicked once . . .

  22. Becky says:

    I just wanted to log on quickly to offer congrats!

  23. Anonymous says:

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