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Well I got quite a surprise on my birthday.

I did not have the birthday night I expected.

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I turn 27 today, Bulk Trash goes out today, final walkthrough on house today, move in 3 days

– 27 – bulky trash – new house

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Happy Birthday The?


How Not to Make an Aluminum Viking Sword.

College kids are thirsty and some are full of motivation and ideas. I was one of these motivated thirsty kids with an idea. Being thirsty I drank lots of stuff (much of the time cans of beer). It seemed like … Continue reading

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Utah Backpacking Trip

Utah Backpacking Trip Stansbury Mountain Range 3/23-26/2007

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5 Days till I move

Well I sweated a lot yesterday after work. It was hot and I was preaty busy. I had not intended to do much packing last night but instead do more playing and pack the rest of the week but I … Continue reading


Utah Backpacking 07

Utah Backpacking Trip        Stansbury Mountain Range 3/23-26/2007

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6 days untill we move, 3 days untill I’m 27, 2 days untill bulk trash pickup

I’m really tired this morning and could really use another couple hours of sleep. Today’s post is brought to you by the Manhattan Kansas Animal Control Department. Read on to find out why.


Mark Your Callender

   After the sun is down and the cake and ice cream are gone and some little kids have gone home I expect the older kids will take over. I may have a fire pit ready to go and … Continue reading


Come On and type fast

I’m feeling kind of rushed this morning and I can’t wind down like I would like to. I found out the old tennents in my new house are haveing a garage sale for all there old stuff today. I thought … Continue reading