Nice weekend with a Crazy ending

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Well Heath has been getting a lot of calls about people wanting to see her house so they can buy it from her so Friday after work I rushed over to her house and helped mow the lawn again and weed wack and get it ready to show to some people. I think I have finally gotten the riding lawnmower all figured out and I can mow the lawn fairly quickly and without making myself angry. Saturday we showed the house a bit then went to Cabelas. Then Jon, Derrick and I took the boat out for a little while and shot off our new bow fishing rigs. This was a short trip because I had to get ready for a KCUR Blues show at a bar called Knuckelheads. Â


This show turned out to be a lot of fun and the bar was amazing. It was all outdoors with pick nick tables and bleachers set up to see the stage and everyone sat outside drinking and eating BBQ and watching the bands. Their was a railroad track right next door and an old train car that people sat in. I was impressed all around. Â Sunday morning I woke up and filled up my leaky tire then got the boat all ready for another fishing adventure. I got a cooler of hotdogs and beer ready and the bows and arrows and gas and tools and other boat stuff all set to go. We left around 9:30am and went to the Kaw west of town by 435. Jon and I cruised around in some creeks that feed into the river and tried to look for fish to shoot but the water is still very high, fast, and muddy. We never really saw any fish to go after. Eventually we pulled onto a sandbar and cooked the dogs and then walked the shore with the bows for a while but sill did not find any fish. After lunch we packed up and headed for the boat ramp. I was going to help Heather take Peanut to his first movie (Shreck 3) around 3:00. Â

However I never made it to the theatre on the way home from the boat ramp my trailer broke. I don’t mean a bolt came out or a tire went flat or a light bulb was out I mean the frame of the trailer broke. Inbetween the part that connects to the truck and where the boat is hooked on the metal frame cracked on the sides sending the frame to the ground. Luckily it happened on Shawnee mission parkway not far from home and close to a side street. After a quick diagnosis we determined we could drag the boat to the side street and decide what to do. This went really well and the small part of trailer that was left held the boat until we could get it on the street and disconnected from the truck.

Once on the side street we decided the only way to get the boat home was to do a complete repair on the trailer and so we left the boat on the curb and headed to Jon’s house. We got the gas welder and any tools we would need and part of an old bed frame from the house we cleaned out.

We went back to the boat and bent and pounded and worked the cracks to get the broken piece as strait and back to normal as we could.


Jon made a few welds to hold the cracks on the sides together. Then we cut angled sections of the bed frame out to use as splints on the broken section.


Jon welded 3 splints to the break and afterward I think the frame is straighter and stronger then before it broke.


We then took home the boat and the tools and everything worked out great. This sounds very simple and quick but it took a long time. It was tough to get the frame strait and uncrumpled enough to weld too, it takes a while to weld stuff, we had to find all the tools we would need, my truck bed was too full of trash to put the welder in at first and Jon is anal about stuff like trailers breaking loose and flying down the road.So I did not get home till after 5:30 and was hungry again. I cooked up some Aldi brand McRibs some tator tots and some corn and we juggled the soccer ball until it was ready.Â


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7 Responses to Nice weekend with a Crazy ending

  1. Anonymous says:

    pretty good post again. my favorite part has to be the spelling of “pick nick”

    sandoos update:
    my target sandoos withstood the weekend pretty well. additionally there are no blisters to be found on my feet. they do allow small pebbles and rocks into them, but i would assume anything with so many holes would.

    vyhanek family update:
    joe was at my house on sunday for elizabeth’s grad party. mj was nowhere to be seen.

    taco johns update:
    there is now a taco john’s in KC. it is at 151st and I-35

  2. Anonymous says:

    151st and I-35? Over by the Great Mall in Olathe? What were you doing in my neck of the woods Kevin? And where is this Taco John’s? I have not seen it or the construction for it. ~H

  3. Anonymous says:

    . . . i heard about the taco johns and was hungry for it. it’s actually over closer to garmin. there’s a Quik Trip right next to it.

    i recommend you eat there as much as possible before you move.

  4. Ge-off says:

    Anonymous, please identify yourself.

    Or better yet, create a damn login, it takes like 2 seconds….pussy.

  5. Stooks says:

    That’s still like two hours north of your neck of the woods, H. Nice try.

  6. Anonymous says:

    whatever Matt, I don’t live that far South. Anyway, I am still closer than you are…out in BFE Manhattan. When are you moving up here?

  7. Stooks says:

    I put my notice in at work and am done at the end of June.

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