Nice Summer evening

Yesterday at lunch I went home and packed up all my stuff I would need for the evening. Then after work I was able to head strait to Heath’s house from my office. Heath and I had been marinating a big bag of chicken for a couple days and I was excited to stir fry it up.

So right when I got to Heath’s I got all the teriaki, ginger, sesame something flavored chicken fried up. Then Heath and Peanut got home and we decided to go on our run. Peanut was insistent on riding his bike though.

Luckily I had recently read an article on long distance runners seeing much improvement in their endurance from running fast paced intervalls so we decided to walk to the track so that Peanut could ride his bike and we could get there and do some intervalls. Peanut was very excited about getting to show off his new trick of being able to peddle the bike by him self. This bike has really grown with Peanut. He got it for X-mas last year and at the time could only really rock on it. Eventually he was able to stear enough that we could push him arround on it and now he can peddle it on his own.

He is on the verge of calling it his motorcycle and making noises as he peddles but for now he needs to concentrate on peddleing and stearing at the same time and in the right dirrection.

So we got to the track after lots of stops to smell the flowers or examine rocks and Heath and I got to do some running. We only used 100meters of the track running back and forth. Peanut tried to ride the bike toward us at all times and we would high five as we passed. After running we decided to do a few stairs and we ran the bleachers for a while and Peanut counted for us. He was actually pretty good and getting up and down the bleachers on his own. Then we left the track and went to the playground so Peanut could show us how he could climb everything there. I left the playground early and ran back to Heath’s. I took half the chicken out of the pan and added celery, onions, broccoli medley, pineapple and some jalapenos. I also got some rice cooking and in no time dinner was ready and Heath and Peanut were home. We all ate a bunch of dinner, even Peanut out on the porch in the back yard. After eating I got a beer and we played in the back yard for a while and the neighbor came over to talk about the move and stuff.

That was about it for the night we had to eventually drag Peanut inside and stick him in the shower.


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18 Responses to Nice Summer evening

  1. H says:

    Why are you signed in 3 times Chirs? Also that guy from my work want’s to come look at the house tonight!!! Everyone hope with me that he buys it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I heard a rumor that you can bring a canned good into any KC ‘Pote today and get a free burrito, taco, or burrito bowl . . . just a little tip for everyone.

    That chinese sounds pretty tasty, minus the pineapples. I’ve never thought of jalap’s in chinese, how did it work out?

  3. Ben Clark says:

    I will go ahead and ask, Who is this Brian Anderson character and why does he deserve a spot next to The’s name in the website?

  4. thePrewitt says:

    He is some douche I work with. JK
    I addressed it on the first day but I don’t mind repeating. He set up this new site as a trial. If we decide to stick to it I’ll move it over to the main page.

  5. Mistro says:


    I actually addressed this specific situation on Friday. Turns out Brian helped out Chris setting up the new site. If this turns into a long term solution The will change it out.

  6. Ge-off says:

    I have a can with me today to bring in and get some free Chipotle. I’m pretty excited.

  7. Mistro says:

    Not only did we just reply to Ben’s question at the same time, we used the same subject. Narley!!!!!

  8. thePrewitt says:

    I was in 3 times because I had the site open on my main computer and on my laptop. I was setting up my blog on the laptop and Internet Explorer crashed so I switched to Firefox and it thought I was at the site in 3 places.

  9. Stooks says:

    That is all.

  10. Ge-off says:

    I like the new site as well. My only issue is with new comments. I wish there was a way you could highlight the new comments so you know what is new and where to look instead of looking through the whole list of comments trying to find out which ones are new. Other than that, I really enjoy the site.

  11. Russell says:

    It is a little more difficult to know which comments are new, but I think the new site promotes more comments. It seems that we have had a lot more commenting recently.

  12. thePrewitt says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I like the new site more each day. It is harder for me to post my blog w/ pictures and stuff but I think with a little more practice I will have it down. The comments seem much more reliable and usefull. I like to respond to new comments right at them. I agree about the finding new ones being hard and I think I could se it up so all comments went in order of posting if I want but I like this format too.

  13. Ge-off says:

    I definitely like this format how you can respond directly to each comment. I would keep it this way if I were you. I’m sure in another week or two you will have it all down. Now if we could just convince those Anonymous losers to create accounts…..

  14. Ge-off says:

    I showed up at the Chipolte in Olathe at 11:15 and the line was already out past the Chipolte parking lot. I just turned around and said “Fuck Harvesters” and went to Subway for a cheap footlong.

  15. H says:

    Geoff, did you go to the one at 199th & Black Bob? We went there, and got in at 10:45 and the line was only to the door (inside the resturant). By the time we left at 11:20, the line was across the parking lot!

  16. Stooks says:

    I’ll place significant cash on Geoff not going to the 199th & Black Bob location. 119th maybe?

  17. H says:

    Matt you are correct. I meant 119th & Black Bob

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