Fish Blasting still unsuccessful

Well early tomorow morning I leave town and go here:

Can you tell what city this is?

Well yesterday afternoon Jon and I put together a boat trip and Heath and Jenna wanted to join in. I had a few things to get done so after work I did a couple things to get the boat ready then went to Ben’s house and paid my rent then to the target near his house to look for Peanut’s birthday present but did not see any of what I was looking for. I met up with Heath at Target and we left from there for Walmart. Once we got back to the toys section we found what we were looking for. Peanut’s birthday is July 12th but we are going to try to have his birthday party on the 7th at our new house and tie it into a housewarming party. Since we will be so busy with house stuff we are getting started on the birthday now.

We are going to get Peanut a "pow pow powerwheels" vehicle of some sort. You know the trucks and stuff that run on a battery and go a screeming 4 and 1/2 miles per hour. Well we decided this would be a good present for Peanut and could be used in our new yard and at several of his familly members houses and I think they are really cool so I am all for it. We also decided that whatever vehicle we bought would have to have something to put stuff on it so Peanut would be able to load up the trailer or truck bed or whatever with stuffed animals, toy cars, snacks and juice or mom could put beer in it and he could drive it down to me working in the yard or something. Well with our storage needs we had only 4 choices an F150 ford truck, a CAT dump truck, a John Deere Tractor or a John Deere Gator. The F150 and CAT did not have much storage and did not impress us much but the John Deere stuff did.

I am going to set up a poll just below this for your help in picking one but here are the specs.


As you can see has a bucket in front and a trailer in back for storing stuff both are removable. Kids up to 85lbs can drive and runs on a 12vlt battery. 3 gears Reverse, Drive1 (2mph) and Drive2 (4mph) also the scoop can be dumped from some control at the driver seat. $199


This guy is a two seater and has a large bed on the back and the driver can make the bed dump from the drivers seat. It has the same speeds and controls as the tractor but can hold 135lbs. $280.

So what do you think? vote in the poll for me because Heath and I have not decided yet because both are soooo cool.

After Wall-Mart I got some beer and we loaded up the boat and headed to the river. The water was really high and current was stronger then I have ever seen on the Kaw. We slowly cruised arround for a while watching the swirls and undertows and crazy water movement. Then we took off up stream. We went into a small cove and got the Bow and arrow ready but the water was too dark and we did not see any fish. Once we were in all the way a large carp jumped behind us but it was too late. We set up some limb lines and messed arround in the cove for a while. Then we went accross the stream to the tunnel. We drove the boat into the tunnel and then floated our way out and used the throw net to catch some bait fish. We caught 4 shad

and kept them for bait. This sounds good but we probably threw the net over 100 times to get these 4 fish. We did not impress the girls with our bait catching performance. Once out of the tunnel we cruised back to the cove and loaded up our lines with bait and then pulled the boat over and went up a small bank. We started up the grill and broke out some burgers and chips. After eating it was nearly 9pm so we took down our limb lines and headed back to the ramp. With no keepers. On the way back we saw a girl kayaking down the river like a badass. As we trailerd the boat both new lightbulbs on the trailer shattered (hot bulbs and cold water) and we were forced to drive home with a dark trailer.

Tomorow morning Heath and I head to Chicago for Chris Cakes. I thought we would have time to see Tony but I guess not. I will probably have a week post because my cell phone will have to do it. But you know you guys can post some stuff too.  





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9 Responses to Fish Blasting still unsuccessful

  1. Ge-off says:

    Why are you going to Chicago for Chris Cakes?  You can have them here you know?


    I never really liked kids with power wheels.  Most likely because my family couldn’t afford them. 

  3. Stooks says:

    I had a KITT Big Wheel growing up, and it had giant holes in its thin plastic tires.  It was badass. 


    They’re way faster than Power Wheels, when you get going really good down a hill you can slam on the brakes and skid out, some of them have squirt guns on them, and it’s less likely to get stolen when sitting in your yard . . . plus i could ride it.

  5. Ge-off says:

    My parents thought power wheels were for lazy kids, so we all got Big Wheels.  I imagine Peanut’s Powerwheels will be used to assist you in your yardwork and stuff so it should be fine for him to have one….especially if he’s going to deliver beer.

  6. Ge-off says:

    If you’re in the street flying down a hill on a big wheel, you can turn into the drive way and get some serious air.  I must warn you though, Big Wheels do not have any shocks to soften the blow when you hit the ground.  Maybe they do now, but they didn’t back when I rode them (last year).

  7. thePrewitt says:

    We had so much fun on them when I was little, I remember demolition derbys in the basement were a good time. He already has a little kid one and is just learning to pedal it. Maybe Christmas he will be ready for a big big wheels, I wonder what the big wheels these days have on them, I think mine was a transformers and with it making a comeback I bet they will have new ones.

  8. says:

  9. thePrewitt says:

    Im just helping out this time. Some place in Chicago hired the chris cakes to do an event up there. I volunteered to go and help when I thought we would have time to see bone but that fell through so now im just going to be driving all weekend to stir pancake batter for an hour or two

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