1st trip swiming at the lake this season

Took Grandma, Mom, Peanut and Heath to Hillsdale last night and there were fish jumping all over the place but I never got to see one close enough to shoot. However I did find out how cool I look when I am ready to shoot one.

Well I have 4 more pictures that I think are really good too so read on.

First I got my camera back from last night and here is a picture of Heath grilling up pancakes from this weekend.

Your screen is not broken those are blue pancakes. Since it was The Freedom Run we served red, white and blue cakes for the bikers.

We drove the boat out to our cove last night and Heath sat up front and took some pictures. Here is one of me Peanut and Mom.

The island was about 3 feet under water according to my depth finder so we pulled up to shore and set up there. We grilled a big beef smoked sausage and a bunch of hot dogs plus chips w/ dip and zesty pickle spears. I walked the shoar line a little and looked for fish to shoot but never saw any near our spot. I did lose an arrow though and that kinda sucked. So no I have to rush to get another arrow before we go back to the lake tonight and tomorow.

When I was not shooting stuff or grilling/eating I was swiming. Here is a wicked canonball that Heath caught on camera.

We also drove the boat over to the beach and Peanut practiced some of what he learned at his first swiming lesson earlyer yesterday. We did not spend much time at the beach because it took us a long time to get there and it started to get darker and cold. The lake is small and should not take long to get to the beach normally but our driver was not taking a dirrect route.

Peanut thought driving was great and loved to make the boat go in circles. It was a nice evening at the lake and Grandma had the typical starter problem but otherwise worked great.

You may notice that I am early this morning. I came in super early to get some things done before the staff shows up and make sure I am available later this morning in case the producer of one of our local shows needshelp. We have a remote today from

that’s right Boulevard Brewery. So I really hope I get invited to come along.

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21 Responses to 1st trip swiming at the lake this season

  1. Stooks says:

    My favorite is Peanut standing two feet away from your menacing bow & arrow stance. 

  2. H says:

    What is this Karma thing?   I love these (Cool) things!

  3. Ge-off says:



    Thought you might be interested in this Chris, being the pirate you are and all…. 


    one for being you, and the second for not reading yesterday’s vote to see what the karma thing is . . . sorry heath, it had to be done . . .

  5. Ge-off says:

    I agree with Kevin.  Heath, you need to be more attentive when on the site. 

  6. thePrewitt says:

    I was a bit worried about him. Esp when he was grabbing my leg as I was trying to shoot. Of course afterword he found some sticks that became his "fish shooter" and then he had to get some other sticks that were his "rowers" after seeing me paddle the boat to the shore.


    i don’t have a karma score?  can everyone see it but me?

  8. thePrewitt says:

    Yeah, my assistance was not needed at the remote so I just worked. I did go home to change into work clothes and made a great egg sandwich to eat at work.

  9. H says:

    Well in my defense, my building was having internet issues yesterday.  I didn’t get to read the site at all (or any other internte site). I even went as far as to send Chris an email to see if the site was having problems (before I knew it was my building).

    And yes you have some karma Kevin…but it is only 3.

  10. Ge-off says:

    I can’t see my Karma either.


  11. thePrewitt says:

    thats it


    i think it’s best that we don’t know our own karma score.  perhaps at the end of every week, you can award the karma king by putting their picture on the site . . . that way, we don’t know what we have compared to everyone else and we are constantly competing for good comments.

    well, everyone except heath, who will never be the karma king . . .

  13. H says:

    You guys suck!!!  I don’t need some superficial title to make me feel good about myself.  Anyways, I get my picture on the site almost daily, so ha-ha.

  14. Ge-off says:

    Maybe you can post the karma standings every Friday, or the following Monday you post the Karma standings for the previous week?  I like Kevin’s idea of not seeing our own Karma so we constantly try to make good comments.

  15. thePrewitt says:


    I expected it to be great considering all the geeks gamers I know. Then I read it and found it to be totally unrelavent but gave me the giggles. Wink

  16. Brian@campbacon.com says:

    H, I must also give you -1 karma for not knowing what karma is. Tongue out

  17. thetest says:

    of the karma systems has begun


    can you see the karma point i gave you for the clever test idea?

  19. thePrewitt says:

    how about instead of karma king we have a buddha of the week for the most karma ohh and lets have a meat club meeting

  20. Russell says:

    Good call Prewitt.  We need another Meating soon.

    Buddha of the week sounds like a great idea, can everyone still not see what their own karma is?

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