Well I got quite a surprise on my birthday.

I did not have the birthday night I expected.

After work Steven and I went to Flo’s Polka-dot lounge and had a few draws, Heath joined us and after we had a few we decided to head out, Heath and I went to Aldi for water and Gatorade for the move and then stopped by Steven and Becky’s before doing our final walk through. The final walk through was uneventful really. They had a lot of boxes and stuff in the house and were still there so we did not do all the planning we thought we would. Then we headed to meet my mom and sister at Fox and Hound for a birthday dinner.

On the way Heath had some sort of an emergency and we had to stop at a gas station and she was in the bathroom for a long time. Finally we got to Fox and Hound and found lots of people there waiting to surprise me.



I had no idea that anything was going on but lots of family and friends were in on it.

They had pool tables and balloons and a cake and bunch of appetizers and even presents.

Looking back on it there were lots of clues that something was going on, but why would a 27 year old expect a surprise birthday party.

So we all cut loose and played pool ,drank big beers in fancy glasses, or long island ice teas and we ate hot wings and pizza and chips and salsa.

I had some presents to open and I had just as much fun as a 7 year old boy on his birthday.


So we partied for several hours and then everyone headed home. I had been too busy to eat much during the celebration and it was hard to eat bar wings and pizza when Hardee’s is right next door so on the way home Heath drove by to get a bacon thickburger.

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12 Responses to Well I got quite a surprise on my birthday.


    i called geoff and went to The Other Place for a couple beers and some spicy chicken tenders . . . I regret my decision to eat the tenders 🙁

    i’ve already been to the bathroom twice since i got to work . . .

  2. thePrewitt says:

    and my tumy is in good shape this morning.  Now I regret not geting another beer afterword.

  3. Ge-off says:

    Thanks for the beers Kevin.  I guess I owe you now.  I should have warned you about the spicey chicken tenders at the Other Place though.

     Do you think we should have beat up those guys that were cheering hysterically when the Iowa player got drafted??

  4. Anonymous says:

    Whoever got the shot of you drinking, and managed to get the Batman logo into the picture deserves a pat on the back. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    my mom took the picture, on Beckys camera and Kellys bf bought the jagerbomb.
    FYI posting from my phone at the title co. where I am about to sign for the house.


    i wish i had a burger . . .

    you should have just committed to going BWW and we could have both satisfied our urges . . . all of them.


    three trips to the bathroom and counting . . .



    heath, is there still cake left?  will there be some left on sunday?  i got a hankerin’ for it this morning and now i can’t get it out of my mind. 

    is it possible for you to save me a piece?  i won’t give you negative karma . . .

  9. Ge-off says:

    Posting from your phone and signing for the house….both exciting.  Looking forward to seeing it on Sunday.

  10. thePrewitt says:

    The cake is in Derrick’s hands now. Heath and I left it in the fridge at my house. I just left and told him to eat it but if I see him or he reads this I will make sure he saves at least one piece.

  11. H says:

    Yes, kevin…there is cake left, and we will try to save you some.  Actually, I enjoyed a piece at Chris’ house after we signed for the home. After a fried salomi and cheese on toast sandwich w. mayo.  Delicious!!!


    fried salami and cheese on toast with mayo?  are you pregnant?

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