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Deja vu post from yesterday?

Well this weekend KCUR is hosting the popular NPR show "A Prairie Home Companion". Many of the NPR folks are heading into town today for tomorrow nights show. This afternoon I will become an official KCUR chauffeur (Yes, I had … Continue reading


1st trip swiming at the lake this season

Took Grandma, Mom, Peanut and Heath to Hillsdale last night and there were fish jumping all over the place but I never got to see one close enough to shoot. However I did find out how cool I look when … Continue reading


Derrick is a Dad

His son was born yesterday morning. Thats all I know so far. Congradulations man


Boating is my antidrug

Well It is going to be really nice out tonight so at lunch today I need to go shopping and get some important things for this evening. I need to get: Propane for the Grill Marine Oil for the boat … Continue reading


Finally Back

Well as you know I took off on Friday and went to Chicago to help out Heath with a Chris Cakes event. We were supposed to drive up all day Friday, work early Saturday morning then drive back getting home … Continue reading


Sad News for Aquinas Alum….

I was watching NBC Action News at 10:00 tonight and they had a story on Spc. Dustin Briskey being killed in Iraq recently.  Just thought some of you would like to know.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought … Continue reading


I didn’t have anything exciting for dinner last night nor am I working on a neat project . . .

Here at work today, two people have solicited high-fives from a guy that put an offer on a house.  Ridiculous.  It’s bad enough just to high-five someone, but I’d say it’s at least 10-15 times worse when you announce "High-five!" … Continue reading


Fish Blasting still unsuccessful

Well early tomorow morning I leave town and go here: Can you tell what city this is?


Did you find me?

Well if you are here you know we got the site moved. Does anyone have any complaints left? I am going to try to make the photo galleries a bit better and start moving over some pictures and probably set … Continue reading


KEVIN is a uncle and LUVS ALL CAPS

the site is being switched to my domian right now.