2 days in and progressing like a frieght train


Well it has been a long busy day and I am kinda beat so will not post much. First thanks Geoff for taking care of the site.  Second we did a lot of stuff today and I really don’t want to describe what got done and you really don’t care what boxes got put away or what rooms got some paint. My mom and Peanut came over and helped us out all day. Peanut is a big fan of his new house and stoked about the birthday this Saturday.

I’ve been all about generating lists today. What I need to do, what H needs to do, what we need from the store, what we need to get from mom’s house or my old house etc. One of these lists deals with you guys. Several people mentioned (KK included) comeing over here on Wednesday July 4th since they will have the day off and nothing planned. I like this idea and will be ready for a break on Wednesday probably. However there is a list involved remember. So when we were done moveing stuff on Sunday everyone was eager to help but I did not know what to have them do, now I have a list of friends jobs.

To Do List for The’s Friends:

-install carbon monixide tester
-install basemen 100W light bulbs
-install dimmer switch for 100W bulbs
-replace locks on all doors
-fix green shelf (add a couple nails and paint)
-minwax polish wood surfaces of house
-install tool hangers in shop
-put tools on hangers and in drawers
-media in basement (speakers, radio,dvd etc.)
-media in familly room
-internet cables to master bedroom and basement
-place bricks under stairwell behind garage
-install doorbell

Yeah that is right our new house has no doorbell. I did not realize it untill today, so wierd esp for a big house. Anyhow I would love for volunteers to help me out on getting all this stuff done tomorow and Wednesday before we get too wound up (drunk) on the 4th of July.

Today we had leftover pizza and little chocolate donuts for breakfast w/ milk. Then tried out the new grill with burgers and hot dogs for lunch we also had some 7 layer dip w/ chips and glasses of tea. For dinner we had mac and cheese w/ hotdogs mixed in, more 7 layer dip, a can of peaches natty and leftover cake.

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