Lets get dirty

Well I got back into the housework a bit last night and got some stuff done while Heath was out living it up at Coaches up the street. (Don’t worry when she came home I made her get after it)



I had to take a mid evening shower because things I had gotten on me where stinky and itchy.

My first project was running cable up the master bedroom closet into the attic and then back down the guest bedroom closet and to the TV in there. This went fairly quickly and the only hurdle was once I got it pushed into the attic and climbed up there the light bulb on the drop light up there broke and it was pretty dark. I not wanting to change it at the moment turned on my flash on my cell phone camera and used it to navigate my way around the attic I had to dig in the insulation a bit to find the up hole and the down hole for the cable and so my arms and knees were a bit itchy from the insulation.

Then I changed the bulb and connected the TVs. After the cable I taped Peanut’s room to prepare it for painting and actually stayed fairly clean throughout this. However once the room was taped it was time to paint it and of course I got some paint on my hands and arms. I rolled paint on the walls but left all the edges for Heath to paint when she got home.

After painting I went for a run. I was in a hurry so my pace was fast and I ended up running up some big hills and in the 20 minutes I was running I got really sweaty and stinky.

When I got home breathing hard, hungry, thirsty, itchy, dirty and stinky I found Heath had come home and so I washed my hands and started cooking dinner. Once dinner was started I got the trash and recycles ready. Since the party and moveing we had lots of stuff and I had to consolodate it all into 2 bags so there was lots of transfering of trash and it was very stinky and sticky and the smell really lingered on me.

I made pork chops smothered in BBQ sauce grilled on the grill with potatoes, watermelon, leftover cornbread and some salad. Ohh yeah I probably got some BBQ on me while cooking. I cooked them on low so while they were cooking and Heath was painting I had time for a much needed shower.

I washed off the insulation, paint, BBQ, garbage, sweat and anything else that had been dirtying me up. Then I finished preparing dinner and Heath finished painting and we ate and broke out the beers. After dinner we did some straitening up around the house and put together a tent thing that will go on top of Peanut’s bed.

[missing picture]

I’ll have to take a picture of it because Google does not have anything quite like it. Peanut’s room will be camping/outdoors themed and this tent bed is the coolest part but I also like the bear clock that has a swinging fish below it for the second hand.

We finished off the night with a couple episodes of The Wonder Years.

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    i find norma to be the most soothing of any wonder years character.

  2. TCB says:

    WOW, Last night Ichiro Suzuki got MVP in all star game. He hit 3 for 3, inside park home run. Ichiro is great. He will get another MVP in end of the season for sure. So I really hope by now you people realize Japanese are better baseball players.

    Oh, by the way, I used to watch The Wonder Years everyday when I was a little. Is is on TV somewhere?

  3. thePrewitt says:

    It’s channel 16 on Time Warner Cable at 9 and 9:30. The network is KPXE  http://www.kpxe.tv/  ION Television right after Who’s the Boss.

  4. Stooks says:

    My Google homepage has a "how to" of the day, and you’re the only person I know who has the rooms and skills to do today’s. 

    "What follows is the general process for building a
    hidden door bookshelf that, if you have basic wedling and carpentry skills, you
    can customize to your specifications." 





    i can’t give you enough karma for this.  great stuff. 

    holy mother, i just got a great idea.  you need moving bookshelf that hides a sliding pole going down to your shop . . . aka The Bat Cave

  6. H says:

    I just wanted to check my karma today to see if I am still winning. Also, I am sad Winnie is not in The Wonder Years photo above.  She is such an important character in the show.

  7. thePrewitt says:




  8. Stooks says:

    Didn’t Winnie finally give herself up to Kevin in a barn on the last episode?  They made love on some hay or something?

  9. thePrewitt says:


    This has a section on the final episode, sounds really good. Not as good as barn action but hay is probably rough on the bum.  

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