I ate a burger last night

Last night I grilled up hamburger patties that I got at Omaha Steaks (thanks to Kevin, The, and Tiffany for the wedding gift card there). I smothered them in Gates BBQ sauce and let them marinate in that for a while before throwing them on the grill. Then I put Pepper Jack Cheese on them. Ashley didn’t want one so I made a double. I thought of ThePrewitt as I ate it.

Ashley didn’t want burgers so I also grilled up some beef franks that we got at Omaha Steaks. They are very large and I’m sure she was thinking of me as she ate it.








Then I went for a run and as I was approaching the Sonic on Metcalf and about 80th St, Ashley pulled in. I jumped in the car and we both enjoyed a Sonic blast. I just stayed in the car and she drove me home from there.









That’s all I did last night really.

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    that burger looks awesome . . . i realize it’s not the one you made, but it looks good.

    i would imagine both you and ashley were thinking of The when you ate your respective meals.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    That burger sounds good, as we have mentioned before Jack is a great choice (unless talking about the clarks). Is the one in the picture an In and Out burger? It’s not everyday you find someone that would turn down a nice burger for a frank, had Ashley eaten burgers for the last several meals and needed a change of pace?


    but i just searched their website and it looks really good.  i would consider moving to the SW US to frequent it.  how come there’s no good local burger places like that here?  it sucks.  even wichita has nu-way and spangles . . . what do we have?  winsteads?  please.  eff this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Kevin, how dare you insult Winsteads like that.  I’m dissapointed.  Now I have to go there for lunch just to make sure they’re not pissed at all Hilboldts. 

    Also, the burger log in the picture looks mighty tasty.  One things that’s bothing me: why even bother with the one small piece of tomato at the top?  Obviously, the point they were trying to make was "how much beef and cheese can we fit between two slices of bread".  Just stick with that.  Don’t try to get fancy. 


  5. Ge-off says:

    The, you are right, it is an In and Out burger, and I’m sure it goes in and out anybody who eats it.

    Ashley is usually not a huge burger fan.  Once in awhile she will be craving some meat and i usually take care of that for her. 

  6. Ge-off says:

    I really wish we had a Spangle’s here.  Remember when we went there in Wichita when we moved my sister back to KC?  And I spilled my drink all over the place as the guy handed it to me from the drive through.

  7. Ge-off says:

    I was just over at the Olathe Jail across the street from the courthouse and turned a corner and looked directly into the eyes of Edwin Hall.  I probably would have scissor kicked him but he was behind a huge metal and glass door.

  8. H says:

    I am really impressed! And I agree, that hamburger does look tasty…

  9. Stooks says:

    Olathe has Tasty Treat.  Delicious and cheap.  They have the worst hours of all time, though. 

  10. Ge-off says:

    I have been to Tasty Treat and it is delicious.  The big down fall is the size of the place.  I think it has 4 booths total and a couple seats at a bar-like thing.  It’s definitely a to-go place and not a sit-down place.


    quit trying to earn your karma back by burrying your nose in geoff’s brown star . . . you  just got negative karma’d . . .

  12. H says:

    Kevin, you are just jealous nothing you put up is very impressive, although I think I did give you a point for the dingle berry comment the other day, that was pretty good.


    i’m more jealous that you get to live with the and benefit from his awesomeness . . . and eat his delicious meals all the time. 

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