Bet you never thought I could type this much about organizing an hour and a half at the park

We did get to juggle the soccer ball yesterday!

It was the most planning and thought I think I have ever put into juggling a soccer ball but it all started Sunday afternoon. Heath told me she and Peanut were going to her mom’s for dinner and I would not see them till late. So I told Jon I wanted to do something Monday after work. We planned to go to try to go to Russ’ parents house and haul off a set of pontoons.

The pontoons is a whole other story but we were never able to contact Russ so that plan was postponed. Instead we decided to meet at a park after work and juggle the soccer ball. Jon would be riding his bike home from work and just ride to the park instead.

Then I heard from Heather that the dinner was off and she and Peanut would be home after all. I wanted to be there when Peanut saw his new tent bed and get some time to play with him. So Jon and I tried to find a park and a third player. (you may have seen this on the site yesterday) We were going to try to play early and get done early and Heath was going to stall Peanut until I got home.

Derrick was eager for a game and could come after work but we had some time constraints w/ Jon on the bike and getting off early, Derrick getting off late and me wanting to see Peanut. Then it occurred to me to juggle late in the night. So we decided to meet after dinner (7:00) at Loose park. Derrick would drive Jon and Heath and Peanut would follow me out to get in some bike and playground time.

So I went home and quickly cooked up some dinner. I call it chineese and it was a pile of steamed rice topped with thinly sliced steak, fresh green beans, onions, mushrooms, celery and carrots. Peanut was not in an eating mood at first but I offered to give him some BBQ sauce to dip the steak in and that changed his attitude. He dipped his meat in it, his celery, his carrots and even his slice of watermelon in the BBQ sauce and ended up eating a good amount.

The park was great and we got in about an hour and a half of juggling before all the gnats chased us out. Heath reported Peanut did a good job on his bike and only fell off once. He seemed to play at the playground for a long time too. Surprisingly he was in no mood for the sprinkler park.


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  1. Russell says:

    Sorry I didnt get back to you yesterday, but it wouldn’t have worked out for pick up yesterday.  My brother’s kids and wife are at my parent’s house and they are on the go a lot, so I don’t know when they would be home.

    Maybe next weekend (July 28-29) could work.  We are moving D that weekend so I will have to go out to the house anyways and get a trailer.  If you guys wanted to go out with me that could work out.  Do you have a plan for getting these things out, or would you like me to see if I can get the big trailer for hauling?

  2. thePrewitt says:

    If it would not fit on my truck we would probably need to borrow your trailer. I like your plan. We could get the pontoon and the trailer for DB at the same time then drop off the pontoon then load up DB.

  3. H says:

    only one comment and it is almost 10:30

  4. thePrewitt says:

    anyone not at UMKC that is.

  5. thePrewitt says:

    I don’t care if you have one anymore. thansk

  6. Ge-off says:

    So did Peanut like his new room??  I didn’t see anything mentioned about that.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Im on mine but Im in and out, call me if you want me to use it. 

  8. Ge-off says:

    I saw The Jeff Strohm at the courthouse yesterday. 

  9. H says:

    Peanut did like his new tent, and was excited to "camp out" at bed time.  After we read a story and turned the lights out, he closed the window covers that roll up and went to sleep.  The only thing missing was a camp fire and marshmellows!


    it’s marshmallows . . . negative karma.

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