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5-7 people needed for a float trip…..

So, Ashley and I are going on this float trip the weekend of August 11. Apparently the guy in charge reserved all these canoes and cabins and they are going to be 5-7 people short.           … Continue reading


Buckeye Tree

Also known as the American Buckeye or the Ohio Buckeye or the Fetid Buckeye or the Stinking Buckeye.

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A Bison is big enough to eat a cow for a snack

We are big enough to devour a bison for dinner. But "the buff" put up a good fight.


Meat Club Meating (SausageFest07)

At "The’s" house. I will take suggestions on time and menu alterations. Here is what I am thinking. TENTATIVE MENU: APATIZERS: cocktail wieners (in crock pot w/ beer, BBQ, and peppers) cheese dip (block of velveta, can of rotel, lbs … Continue reading