Buckeye Tree

Also known as the American Buckeye or the Ohio Buckeye or the Fetid Buckeye or the Stinking Buckeye.


Heath Peanut and I have one of these in our front yard and we were really confused about what it was. No one knew or had ever seen anything like it.

Jon cut open one of the brown spiny balls (seen above) and it was like an avocado inside.

But obviously it is different then an avocado.

So I cut down a small branch and planned to bring it to work to show to people and find out what this thing was. I forgot my branch on the deck and it sat on the table and dried out. Then split open then squirrels came and tore it all up and I found a seed from them. It looked familiar but I could not think of what it is it was a red brownish color maybe walnut wood color. Heath’s grandma mentioned buckeyes and it occurred to me that is what the seeds inside look like. So after some looking around I am sure we have a Buckeye tree.

Fun fact for the day: Sometimes the Buckeye tree is referred to as a Stinking buckeye because when leaves or branches are mashed together they make a bad smell.

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  1. H says:

     I guess you are supposed to have good luck if you carry one around in your pocket…at least that is what a guy here at my work suggest.

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