Friday Night and Nothing to do

Well after a long week working our fingers to the bone what are we to do?

Cheer up there is lots going on tonight.

The first that comes to my mind is Jon’s Long Island Ice Tea Night. This will be a casual affair in Jon’s apartment high above the ghetto below.

If you expect to see anything like the above you will be surprised when we make a punchbowl full of the powerful tea and sip it out of measuring cups, bowls, old beer cans or whatever containers Jon can find. It’s likely afterward we will likely head to Westport or Mike’s.


Also the Hilboldt household will be hosting their first Beer Guy/Die Tournament of the year at 7:00 tonight.

The frat part like atmosphere will involve everyone getting a partner, joining a bracket and possibly playing for a cash prize. The refrige is sure to be filled with beer at the beginning of the night and emptied by the end. The planning of this event resulted in at least 50 e-mail messages in "the"’s inbox.

Perhaps you are in the mood for some culture.

Well that is going on as well tonight at the Ballet. Derrick’s GF will be performing tonight. Maybe he or someone could fill in the details about when and where and what it’s called. Word on the street "topless scene"

If that is a deal breaker in making your decision I should warn you Kevin or I are also likely to take off our shirts.

Not feeling like any of the above well maybe the premier of the Simpson’s movie is in store for you.

I actually believe it will be funny. Not worth the $10 or whatever it is for a movie ticket but if you are into going to movies give it a shot.


I still feel like I am missing something so feel free to add your own things in if I missed something.

Last night Heath and I finally had time to get in a 5 mile run. I was pretty glad we did it even though we were a bit drained after going to Wal-Mart and exchanging Peanut’s tractor. If you didn’t hear the reverse did not work on the old one so we went and swapped it for a new one. After the run I grilled up a big chicken breast and made some huge piles of salad w/ all sorts of stuff in them. I tried out rosemary on the chicken. I just covered both sides of the breast in it then grilled. It was not bad, Heath was crazy about it.


While at Wal-Mart we picked up some bug bombs. Heath and I wake up with itchy bug bites about every day and we are sick of it. So right now our house is being bombed. I wish I knew more about what is doing all the biting. We think it is eather mosquitoes, spiders or leftover fleas from the last tenants dog. Any ideas?



After work I will rush into the house and turn on fans and open windows and let it air out. I’m supposed to stay out for at least 30 min so I’ll grab a couple beers and screw drivers and assemble the tractor in the driveway.


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15 Responses to Friday Night and Nothing to do

  1. Ge-off says:

    One that really comes to mind is when our gym class was labeled the "Worst Gym Class in 20 years" for Mike Rezovich.  Also I remember us making several people cry for various reasons……hitting Monson with crayons during class, calling Anna Pedicino "Pedinose" because she had a big one, putting chalk dust in DeCarlo’s coffee mug……….what do you have??

  2. Mistro says:

    It’s just you and I today Geoff.  Any old Cougar stories you would like to talk about? 


  3. Ge-off says:

    How about pictures of Patrick Duffy and the nerd son (Mark?) who was also in Beethoven pleasing each other?

  4. Mistro says:

     I didnt see you had the Dana Burger subject line Geoff.  Nice work.


  5. Mistro says:

    Yes, Geoff, i do have the BC poster down here.  I also have pictures of Patrick Duffy pleasing himself. 


  6. Ge-off says:

    Mike, you get Karma soley based on your subject line.  Did you bring your autographed Brandon Call poster to Colorado Springs with you?

  7. TCB says:


    Thanks for telling us what your lunch is. Enjoy your 2 Turkey Sandwiches.

    I will do mine. 

  8. Mistro says:

     You’re going to have sex with your lunch KK? 


  9. Russell says:

    If anyone wants to drive to St. Louis this weekend and go to the Cardinal’s game, one of my Co-Workers has 4 tickets that he is willing to give away.

    If anyone is interested let me know on here as soon as possible, I get off work at 3:30 so after that its too late.

  10. Mistro says:

    Rezbo was great, and I thought that one of the teachers said we were overall the worst class to go through Cure since she had been there.  Not only do i remember the chalk dust, but remember Willy Fagan spitting in her tea and Christy Furman putting staples in it.  I also remember Mrs. Smiley freaking out on me because I was saluted Dave Laughlin and called my mom because i was doing it so much.  I remeber going into 2nd hour english class with Mrs. Henry and her standing at the door and taking everyones spit-wad shooters.  People were pulling them out of there socks, like they were trying to conceal a knife or something.  I remember turning off the lights to the gym locker room as we were changing and picking someone and everyone trying to spit on that person.  Those were the days. 


  11. Ge-off says:

    Do you remember in Mertz’s class, we would pretend like we were blowing our nose and go by the trash can by the door and then leave the room when she was turned around? 

    How about all the meetings we had with Lancaster and Hughes because we made fun of Dubill, Witcher, and their families too much.

    I don’t remember if this was before you came  to Cure, but we were playing football in Gym and Dave Laughlin was running down the side of the field and tripped and landed on the curb and busted his chin open.  He started flopping around like a fish out of water.  I had to turn around so I wouldn’t laugh as hard.

  12. Mistro says:

    Are those the shoes he wore?  Yeah dude, Dave busted his shit up my first year there, i remember that well.  The guy was always crying about something.  Raydo getting out of the pool with a boner.  Hugh Wilson jerking it into a coke can every day after lunch. Joe Williams.  Burns mooning the girls bus during a field trip.  And those lunches with Hughes/Lancaster were pretty classic.  They would just bring up things we did or said to discuss them and basically we didnt say a word and even then still had to contain our laughter. 


  13. Ge-off says:

    Do you think anyone has died from our class?  If I had to bet on it, I would say Charlie McCullough.  Your thoughts?

  14. Mistro says:

    Good question, Charlie is for sure one to bet on.  I dont know that i would pick him to be dead but Raydo is one person that the world could go on without.  My best guess would have to be David Schafer. 


  15. Ge-off says:

    I think you mean Mike Schafer, the Wisconsin Cheese King.

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