Rapid Post

Well I am not in the office. I called in this morning and Peanut and I are staying home today.

 Last night I started a load of laundry arround 9:00 then went to unpack some camping gear and get it ready for tomorow night. I got it all about ready and started to make a list of other camping gear and then the lights and radio went out. Aparently the dryer had blown a fuse. I messed arround with the plug fuses for a bit and decided to fix it tomorow. I went up stairs and watched rescue me and part of damages and then went to bed.

I woke up at 1am with Peanut screeming in a nightmare or something. Heath and I went to get him calmed down and it took forever for him to wake up fully and calm down and we laid him down in bed with us. Then I noticed it was really hot in the house and checked the thermostat. It was dead, the dryer fuse must be the same as the AC fuse. So I went back downstairs and made a more serrious attempt at fuse replacement but we just did not have the right fuse.


Eventually I turned on a bunch of fans and went to bed. Poor Peanut was up so late and his thoat sounded really horse and sore so I decided to stay home this morning and let him sleep and recover and to fix the house before it became a sauna.

I am sure we will need naps today but I will check back ocasionally.

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    through next week.  possible upper 90’s next wednesday.  get that fuse fixed or suffer the consequences.

  2. Stooks says:

    My wireless Internet went down last night.  The same ghosts that got into your fuse box must’ve been in my router!


    my cell phone just turned off yesterday for no reason . . . also, i was listening to 810 AM this morning and the guys who are up in River Falls, WI had a power surge last night.


  4. H says:

    You guys are acting like you are 13 again, and excited for Halloween!

  5. Ge-off says:

    This is getting creepy guys.  What could be next?

  6. Ge-off says:



    Check out this 9 year old kid.  He’s better than Stooks even. 

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