The Bronco Project Begins Tonight


Derrick and I will be assisting Jon in removing the motor from his Bronco tonight. more to come…

The last hour or so of my day at work yesterday made me very worn out. I sat in the hot wire room with my chief engineer and stared at a computer screen watching him make small changes on the monitor screen. It was hot and crampt and made me sleepy. So when I left work I went home and laid down in bed for 30 min or so and watched King of Queens until Heath got home and then left again for some bologna wedding dress escapades.



Steven and I drank a beer on the deck then went down and shot some pool for a while I think


I lost 4 games strait. (Note to self, start playing pool more)



Then we messed around on the computer in the basement for a while until the girls returned. Heath and I decided we were hungry for BBQ. We hopped in the truck and headed down Wornal. Someone will have to get the name for me but we went to a BBQ/bar place at like 80th and Wornal I think it’s called Jack’s or something, hmm not sure but it has a big sign and is easy to see from the road. Anyway they were closed to we headed up to 89th and ate ate Smokestack BBQ.

Smokestack is part of the Fiorella family (known for the Jack Stack chain). After walking into the restaurant I could tell why smokestack was not as popular. The place was wierd, it looked like nothing had changed in the last 20+ years in there. The walls had HUGE pictures of familly portraits from the 70s and 80s on the walls all over. The paint was a bright green color and the other patrons consisted of a group of nuns or something, an old lady slowly working over her plate and a crippled lady that had to change tables 3 times with her doofus son.

Heath and I ordered a dinner for two. I think it was called the round something and we got 4 pork ribs 3 meats, 2 sides, fries and toast for 19 something. We got burn ends, sausage,and beef brisket with beans and slaw. It was a gorging to be proud of. We worked that platter over and still had a container full to take home. The meat was super tender and juicy. We forgot all about the weird place and the weird patrons and did some serious eating.

(not quite this serious)

So the place was worth a repeat trip but I think next time we will get a togo order and eat it at Flo’s Polka Dot Lounge next door so we can drink beer and not have to look at huge creepy people on the walls.

We intended to get a beer after the dinner but were too full and decided to go home. We sat on the couch and watched Damages and eventually had a drink before bed.

There are no easy pics of the show yet but here is Glen.

She is a badass on the show.

Here is Ted also a badass I think…



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5 Responses to The Bronco Project Begins Tonight


    is that the name of the place? 

    smokestack is delicious, but i don’t think i’ve ever been there . . . i think the place sounds like creepy adventure though.  maybe we should all go some time, so we don’t get jumped by nuns.

    i’m intrigued by the Bronco escapade . . . what are you guys up to?  making a go-kart?  that’d be neat.

  2. H says:

    KPH, How did the hot and sweaty day end yesterday?  Did the ugly, stinky, sweaty, fat lady next to you have a  heart attack, and you were forced to do mout-to mouth?  And did you accidently slip her the toung to ensure she was really out?

  3. thePrewitt says:

    We are going to be putting a new motor in the Bronco so Jon can drive it arround more. I think right now it overheats or something too easy. Once the Bronco is running again we can build and pull a pontoon trailer with it. And so the pontoon project will be full speed ahead.

    On saturday morning we will be heading to Pick and Pull ( U-Wrench it) to get a new motor for it. I guess it will be a long hot day.  


    the ac started working again around lunch time.  i took a long lunch so the building would be cooled down when i got back . . . the rapid cooling of the building resulted in "recess kid smell" radiating throughout the building.  "recess kid smell" is the smell that comes from a person sweating a lot and then cooling off rapidly.  it’s like a mild BO.

  5. H says:

    Everyone must be really busy at work!  How were the leftovers for lunch, Chris? As good as it was lastnight?

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