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Not sure what little teaser to put up before the post…
What would you guys like to see? I am guessing this?

Was I right? Remind anyone of a jewlery party?

Peanut, Heath and me went out to Hillsdale Lake last night after work. I had planned to cook up some chicken legs and thighs on the grill but I let the chicken thaw way too long and did not feel comfortable feeding it to anyone. So we took out some ham for sandwiches to eat with a bacon ranch pasta salad we had made the night before. We went to Captains Cove and were really hot when we got there so first thing went for a swim. Peanut is geting really comfortable in the water and we all swam from the shore out to the shalow spot where our island was last year. Peanut was just able to touch out there and liked playing arround out there.

After dinner and some more swiming arround we decided to go to the beach. The beach is a ways out from our cove and Peanut wanted to go slow and we decided we would never make it to the beach at a slow speed so we just went arround the corner to the windsurfer beach. This beach is close and empty so thats good. However it is little rocks instead of sand and it’s more off the main part of the lake so lots more stuff washes up on it and the water is not as nice.

The water all over the lake was too hot for me. The first 2-3 feet of water is like warm bathwater and just barely refreshing.

I was all over the camera last night and picked the 5 best pictures for the site. I really don’t have much to say about what was going on in them mostly we just set the timer and posed.






I’m kinda sick of this crazy heat. (109 heat index today) Normally I like it to be hot but now the water is even hot. Heath and I were trying to make a fun plan for stuff to do this weekend but many of our ideas were turned down because it would be too hot. Too hot to camp, too hot to run, too hot to hike, too hot to go to Pittsburg and play at Kellys, too hot to go to Grandma’s farm, too hot to go to the zoo. We are thinking about takeing the boat to the Kansas river on Friday night (rivers have moveing water and I am thinking it will feel colder?) then going to Lee Pool on Saturday in the morning and staying inside in the afternoon and making pizza again on Saturday night. Since Peanut missed out on the snake pizza we will probably make all sorts of fun shapes. Let me know if you can think of other fun stuff for us to do this weekend with Peanut that will not give him a heat stroke.

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