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Peanut and I went to watch a softball game last night

Ohh yeah and Heath was playing in the game.

So after work I went home and got some stuff together and did some work on the computer then headed out to the game and met up with Heath and Peanut.

Peanut and I found a shady seat in the bleachers and he worked over the snacks I had brought (peanuts and apple cinnamon breakfast bar) and really got after his lemon lime Gatorade.

It had a lid like these bottles and I think that is why he liked it so much. It was a big 20 oz or something bottle and he had drank most of it before the first inning was over.

Of course I got jealous seeing him enjoying his beverage so much so we went for a walk to the snack counter and I got a big bud light draft.

Now we were back on equal terms, I with my cold beer from a plastic cup and him with his cool yellow juice from a plastic nipple. The game flew by and the next thing we knew they were all shaking hands and "momma" was leaving the field and joining us. We decided to get some McD burgers real quick and then go for a dip in the creek by our house before getting cleaned up and ready for bed.

There was one thing wrong with that plan. The McD that we went to had a Play Place and ice cream. So we canceled the swim plan and played here instead. It was not nearly as relaxing but is kind of interesting to see other parents almost driven to the point on scaling the equipment to get their kids out. Of course Peanut was an angel and we were cool as cucumbers.


While we are on the subject last night Peanut asked me who this was or what her name was and I had no idea.

What a worthless character, anyone know her without looking it up? I found out while looking for this picture.

So anyway tonight it’s time to blast some carp and I have a good feeling about making my first kill shot. Heath got the below text in an e-mail.

"I received a call from Pat, a guy that works for Chris Cakes. He wanted to have me tell those two fellas’ that were bow fishing at the BBQ to try out a pond that is south of Louisburg. It is off 69 Hwy at Mile Marker 113.5, there is a pond off the side of the hwy on the west side of the road that is supposed to be a carp heaven. He said that it is part of the state park, so you will not be trespassing if you go there. But he stated that the fish are going to start to die because the water is getting too low.
Thought you boys would like to know that info!"

Jon and I are the "fellas’" and "boys" mentioned and "carp heaven" means maybe Jon and I will be able to hit something with our week bow hunting skills. So think about us tonight or better yet come with us and take a turn at blasting.

You could end up 1/2 as cool as this guy. (results not guaranteed)


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    she’s also just referred to as birdie in some commercials.  i think she came about when McD’s launched their breakfast line. 

    in a completely unrelated subject, Macho Man Randy Savage somehow managed to create a rap CD without my knowledge.  matt, did you know about this?  if so, why didn’t you tell me? 

    if you want to hear the Title Track, check out my myspace site:

  2. thePrewitt says:




    where is everyone?  i figured chris’s strong anti-early bird stance would drum up some conversation . . . and what about macho man rapping?  come on people.

  4. H says:

    I think you should use all your free tickets to random items at BK for lunch.  Chic-fil-a will be on site today, so I will grab one of their sandwiches or a salad!

  5. thePrewitt says:

    Did I bring up Elvis too soon? If you all are sad I apologise. Macho man rap was about what I expected. good find Kevin also nice trick to get me to browse your myspace and follow it to other people I know.

  6. Ge-off says:

    wireless network not working right.  busy trying to fix.  Working can be really overrated sometimes.


    might be the best idea you’ve ever had heath . . . i love that place. 



    remember how you couldn’t see her ears and it was rumored that they were misshapen?

  9. Stooks says:

    I didn’t play it for you?  "Be a man, Hogan."  It came out when I worked at Lazer 105.9, and they sent us two copies of it.  I think I gave one to Bob, and kept the other for myself, but swear I played it to everyone worthwhile.  Of course, this was about the same time that only Sand Volleyball was cool enough to snag any of your time.

  10. thePrewitt says: but if it does anything for you let me know.

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