Last day of Convention

So it’s unlikely but I may get a peak at the president today

It has been a long convention but it’s almost over and tonight I can relax and fill my stomach with a hearty mixture of sausage and beer. I came in to work at 7 because I needed to get some stuff done and get to Bartle before 8. The media has a 45min window to get cleared by the secret service and find our setups. I came in last night to help make sure everything was ready to go for today’s 2 hour broadcast.

So I don’t have more time to post. Meatclub tonight check the event I added some details. I will probably get to check the site late this afternoon. If anyone else wants to pick up the slack for me on today’s post I would apreciate it. Last night I ate left overs and ran and shoped and got stuff ready for today. I did not get home till late so did not get much done.

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