Running Late

and I have a meeting from 9-12 this morning so I will try to post later this afternoon. Meat club was tasty.

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18 Responses to Running Late

  1. Stooks says:

    I’ve dropped two dense loads this morning. 

  2. Ge-off says:

    Same……I wouldn’t do it any differently last night though.


    i havne’t even had a ‘rhea yet . . . go figure.

  4. Ben Clark says:

    Geoff are you going to cause a technical problem in Gholkars court room and ben in there "fixing" it when he comes in.

  5. Ge-off says:

    I might just walk by his courtroom a few minutes before and see if he’s out there.  You know, "just in the neighborhood" type of thing.  I wonder what kind of story he will feed me if I see him…..

     Court starts at 11:30, which is usually when I’m eating lunch.  

  6. Ben Clark says:

    He’s gonna tell you he’s taking over for Phill prosecuting Edwin Hall, then after that hes gonna hunt down Osama.

  7. Ge-off says:

    His occupation is listed as UMKC Student.  He can’t fool me.  I’d love to hear what he would have to say though.  The charge is a level 3 severity felony.  Not sure if 1 is the worst and the lower it goes the lesser sentence, but it’s a felony so he’s probably goign to spend a little time in jail. 

    It might be funnier if I ran into him at the jail, when he’s dressed in his stripes. 

  8. thePrewitt says:

    same for me too probably one chorizo and one cheese dip

  9. thePrewitt says:

    Heath I’m specially intrested in your comments. 

  10. Ge-off says:

    another hearing is scheduled for Oct 25.  Mark your calendars.

  11. Stooks says:

    Go for it. 


    i think you can do better.  i almost solicited everyone’s opinion yesterday on whether or not i needed a Zune, but i decided against it.

  13. H says:

    I don’t know where you could find a better camra for the $125 (after shipping) price tag.  Go for it.  Your other one is slowing down quite a bit.

  14. Stooks says:

    A Zune would’ve been a tragic mistake.  Most cameras aren’t that different from each other, though. 

  15. Ge-off says:

    I would have voted against the Zune. 

  16. thePrewitt says:

    here’s your receipt…



    on 8/23/2007,
    you successfully wooted.

  17. Ge-off says:

    on your wooting today.  I’m chatting with Hugh Wilson on the Gmail chat thing right now.  Anybody jealous?

  18. thePrewitt says:

    Well I’m listening to Wilson Phillips

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