Well it is a busy morning so far

Heath and I took on a fairly massive dirty laundry surplus problem this weekend.

When I got home last night I pulled the last of it off the clothes line and we were all caught up.

Then i browned some deer burger and added a diced onion a can of chili beans and a package of cheeseburger macaroni hamburger helper. I also got a pot of water boiling and shucked some corn on the cob and got it boiling.

I also cut up a plum and cooked up some frozen peas. Then Heath came home with Peanut after his first day at his new daycare. We watched some creepy cartoon with a jet plane and other planes that talk in creepy baby voices and do stuff like eat too much candy.

Then we ate dinner. Peanut surprised me and ate a bunch of everything. After dinner we went to the Waldo Pet Store and got Peanut’s lizard some crickets. They have a lot of animals and we took the time to look at most of them. I was impressed at how cool this old rundown looking pet store was. Besides having lots of normal pets they had several huge ponds full of coy and stuff for backyard ponds. Peanut fed the coy and tried to get some of the fish food to a giant sneaky catfish that was in the pond.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a catfish pond in the backyard?

After the pet store we went to Lee park for a nature walk on one of the bike trails. It was a good time and Peanut was determined to fill any pocket he could find with walnuts.

This reminded me of my days as a young man when I never had enough room in my pockets for little treasures I would acquire on my adventures actually I don’t think I have ever grown out of this. I realized that as I moved my water bottle, wallet, cell phone, keys, and pocket knife around in my pockets to make room for walnuts and guns(sticks).

Once we got to a big bridge we were able to toss in all the walnuts and guns and watch them plop and see if they float or sink. Then we went back to the cooler and got our drinks and checked out the pool. We were thinking about going tonight but it is $7 per person for non Leawood residents. $7 even for Peanut and even though we would only be able to stay for 2 hours before they closed. They did not really have anything all that special for Peanut to do. They sprinkler park at the pool was not as cool as the free one at Loose Park and a pool is a pool and not much different from my Indian Creek swimming hole. But since we talked about going to the pool tonight I am going to research today on where to take a kid for a little swim. Any ideas?


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8 Responses to Well it is a busy morning so far

  1. H says:

    No good photos from your phone of you and Peanut?

  2. thePrewitt says:

    Well this morning my computers refuse to find my phone when I plug it into them and I have had too much work to troubleshoot.


    if we want to go to a weekday royals game, today and tomorrow is our last chance for a couple weeks.  just thought i’d throw that out there.

  4. Stooks says:

    It’s free and you’ll get free drinks and snacks. 

  5. Ge-off says:

    You might even be able to convince her to give you money to go to Toys R Us and buy a bunch of random pool toys.

    What do you think the chances are that Matt (Kopek, not Stooks) is living there? 

  6. Stooks says:

    We can drink and celebrate more that way.  I don’t understand where this sudden hardon for a weekday game came from. 

  7. Ge-off says:

    The weekend is much better for a game.  I’ll throw out September 8.  It’s a Saturday and the game is at 6:10 which leaves more than enough time to tailgate.


    river adventure is that day, and i’ve got a wedding that night . . .

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