Caroline Patricia Blume

Labor began arround midnight. Then (14.5hrs later) at 2:24pm an 8lbs 6 oz, 19 and 1/2 inch long Blume came out.

Theprewitt’s reporter Ben Clark reports everyone is fine.


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  1. H says:

    I found my Grandma and Grandpa’s marriage licens from back in 1958.  This site goes back a long time….


    But congrats to me too.  I checked into the bathroom at 9:30 AM and at 9:31 AM delivered a 9" long, 14oz. Cosby kid.  Both father and child are well.  Although the child is probably feeling a little "flush"

  3. Ge-off says:

    I doubt the Blumes look at the site, but in case they do, Congrats! Also, congrats to Kevin, I bet you feel relieved.  How long was labor for you?

    I heard this morning that some lady tried to flush a newborn baby down a toilet at a McDonalds.

  4. Ge-off says:

    Babies are born with 300 bones, but by adulthood there are only 206 in the body

  5. Stooks says:

    Read next time, Geoff.  Jeez. 

  6. Ge-off says:

    Just cause he checked in at 9:30 doesn’t mean labor started exactly at 9:30.  It could have brewed for a bit before you decided it was time to head to the bathroom. 

  7. H says:

    to the new baby Blume!  How exciting!!!


    Boo to kevin’s cosby kid.  How gross!


    i’d threaten to poo on your face, but you’d enjoy it so it would defeat the purpose.

  9. Anonymous says:

    have you ever been to its a great site to play arround on. Several people I know have information about them up there. Just type in their last name.

  10. Ge-off says:

    Looks like Elizabeth and Jeff both got in trouble for Improper Parking.  What’s wrong with your family Mike?  I figured Dick and Kath taught you guys better than that.

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