The vacation

I took tomorow (Friday) off work and forgot to warn you guys so I probably (unless I wake up eary and feel bored) will not be posting about my night putting the new engine in Jon’s Bronco and then going to Bobby’s house to sit by the pool and eat pizza and drink hot natty.

So if anyone else wants to take over posting for me go for it. If anyone reads anything they don’t like on the site just don’t come back to my site. Especially don’t come back to it 150 times over the course of a couple days as an anonoumous viewer. If avoiding the site for the weekend is not enough for you I may check my e-mail at some point before tuesday morning.

Otherwise have a fantastic weekend,

Chris ‘the’ Prewitt 

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11 Responses to The vacation

  1. Mistro says:

    I thnk Degen needs to step it up again and get a blog going.

  2. Ge-off says:

    A little busy right now, but if I get some time later I’ll see what I can pull up.  Any suggestions for a topic? 

  3. thePrewitt says:

    no need to cause trouble

  4. Mistro says:

    Way to rain on my parade Chris.  I thought you werent going to be around today…

  5. Ge-off says:

    I think I’ve caused enough trouble already.  How are Dick and Kathy doing these days?  I’ll never forget what Dick Strohm taught me about the game of basketball.

  6. Mistro says:

    They are good.  Not much new to report.  Dick was quite the basketball guru, but i didnt think he ever coached you in basketball.  Now, I remember a certain group of young men taking the Nall Hills Baseball Title in 7th grade with Dick as the skipper.  I think he called you "Old Lefty" that year.

  7. Ge-off says:

    I think I had him as coach one year in basketball.  I most definitely remember the Nall Hills baseball team.  I dont’ think I was "old lefty" though because I’m right handed at all things baseball….throwning, batting, crotch grabbing, etc.

  8. Mistro says:

    Do you remember who "The Wall" was in the outfield?

  9. Ge-off says:

    No idea on The Wall, but I’m guessing nothing got by him, until the other teams started practicing with Tony the Tiger.

  10. Mistro says:

    No, it wasnt him. Nels Lindall.  He always dropped to a knee to field grounders so we called him "The Wall." 


    Disclaimer:  In no way is he related to "The Prewitt."

  11. Ge-off says:

    I forgot about Nels.  Good call Mike.  Was that the team with Joe Boothe?  I remember him being a catcher for one of my teams and he would always make jokes while I was pitching and it would make me laugh and I would then hit the batter with the pitch.

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