Forgot the pickles twice

Well on the campout we ended up taking two jars of pickles
and never eating a single slice. Then last night before the fish fry I set the pickles on the front shelf in the refrigerator in preparation for the tasty fillet of fish sandwiches only to leave then there during the whole meal. I only realized my mistake when I put the rest of the condiments away and saw the jar still sitting there.


Well last nights fry went great. We had plenty of fish for all 7 of us that showed up. Peanut provided lots of entertainment and there was lots of food and drink to go around.

There was even a small amount of fish and fries that was thrown away at the end. The cole slaw was not a popular side though and after trying some out I discovered the HyVee premade cole slaw is not very tasty.

After dinner the group split up and the guys enjoyed the cool weather on the deck and the girls hung up pictures in the house.

Early on in the evening I got Peanut in the tub for his first bubble bath in a long time.

He played for a long time in the tub then got out and put on jammys Becky and Heath read him some books and he fell asleep in no time even though there were girls hammering nails into the walls around the house.

That’s about it for the night we all gathered on the deck for a while and everyone left fairly early.

Tonight we have plans for a long run, a grocery shopping trip and a shrimp noodle vegetable dinner.



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14 Responses to Forgot the pickles twice

  1. Mistro says:

    For some reason, i would bet on The having taken a bubble bath sometime in the past year.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    I typically don’t like taking a bath (bubble or otherwise). Usually at shower time I am fairly filthy and not in the mood to sit arround in a tub of my sweat and bathwater.

    The last bath I can remember was over 2 years ago in a hotel. I sat in the tub watching movies on my laptop and drinking beer.  

  3. thePrewitt says:

    Like the bath?

  4. Stooks says:

    Maybe once a year I hear the call to get naked in some warm water.

  5. H says:

    seem to take to long….taking a bath that is.


    so i’m afraid to take a bath.  i probably haven’t taken one in a good 5-10 years.

  7. Mistro says:

    a nice hot bath when i am sick. that is about the only time I take them. I also took one a few months back when i moved into my apartment. I had just finished scrubbing the bathroom and thought this was the only time the tub would be clean enough to take a bath in, so i did.  I watched Heroes on while doing so.

  8. H says:

    not that hard to clean a tub guys!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I used to take a bath everyday, but now I just take shower.I guess it’s one of American traditions.


  10. thePrewitt says:

    with the long curly brown hairs all over the shower walls.

  11. Stooks says:

    Point well taken. 

  12. Stooks says:

    It’s not your trademark writing style, but still quite informative. 

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