Heath is a 27 year old lady tomorow

Do you know what this is a picture of?

It is a clue as to what I did last night.

So yesterday I came into work early then went home and got ready then came back into work got a few things done and went to a meeting at Zara BBQ then came back to the office did a few things and Matt called wanting to know when I was going home. I decided no time like the present and headed home. He was there when I arrived and we went to the basement and set up one of the few things I had been working on.

Thats right the karaoke setup is new and improved now. Steven discovered the power of Winamp and we changed our setup to use it.

Everything seems to work really smoothly now. After getting it all set up we got our painting clothes and supplies and headed to my mom’s house to help paint one of the outside walls of her house. We had a terrible time getting over there do to construction and traffic but eventually did make it . Once we arrived we sat down and ate some piles of spaghetti and meatballs.

Then we went outside and examined the wall. It needed a decent amount of scraping before it would be ready for paint.

We had some ladders but they gave us some trouble and were not really long enough so my brother went and got another one from my uncle and we got our other long one working and then we set out to scrape and do a bit of priming and caulking.

We got a good part of the scraping done and the caulking but we still have a lot of priming left and all of the painting. Somehow no one fell off the ladder and the only injuries were paint chips in the eyes. It got dark really quick and we headed home and had a beer and I put Peanut to bed and then watched a sunny episode and went to bed.

FYI: Tonight is Heath’s birthday party and I already got a head start on blowing up balloons.

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9 Responses to Heath is a 27 year old lady tomorow

  1. H says:

    Tonight is the night for celebration!


    heath, sorry i can’t make it tonight.  i’m leaving for chicago early tomorrow and i’m sick . . . i need to get as much sleep as possible tonight to try to get better . . .

  3. thePrewitt says:



    tony already told me not to be a pussy . . . tony . . . that’s like a kick in the vag right there.

  5. Stooks says:

    Heath, I can make it tonight, even though I’m leaving for Chicago early tomorrow and I’ve got a sore throat.  I need to drink this thing off. 


    mine started with a sore throat matt, then it just escalated from there.  i recommend hitting the zinc and vitamin c hard core.

    also, prewitt’s special man elixir will probably soothe that sore throat.

  7. H says:

    Matt for having a pair and coming tonight.  And thanks to you too kevin, for not spreading your disease to everyone else!


  8. Mistro says:

    Are you fuckers going to see Vyhanek this weekend?  Thanks for the invite…

  9. Stooks says:

    We talked about it multiple times on the site.  Keep up! 

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