Birthdays and some backpacking

We Celebrated Heath and Kelly’s Birthday’s on Friday and Peanut helped me get everything ready.

We made cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.

and we wrapped presents for the birthday girls to open.

Open with Peanut’s help of course.

The princess birthday girls were pretty happy.

So Friday after work I finished up the decorations on the house and then Peanut and I did some wrapping and icing. Then we packed into the car and went out to Jess and Jim’s for some birthday steak. It was an awesome meal all around. Heath got the fillet, I got the large prime rib and Peanut even got a hamburger steak.

We rushed through dinner and got home just in time for our guests to begin showing up. We did presents and cheese dip and cupcakes and pink lemon aid and beers. Peanut went to bed and the party thinned out so we headed downstairs and tried out the new karaoke set up. Only Jon, Steven, Heath and I were left but we ended up karaokeing till after 2am.

In the morning we slept in then did some cleaning up and messing around the house for a while then went out to breakfast/lunch at Jose Peppers. My mom took us and Kelly out for a birthday lunch. Then we packed up for a backpacking trip to "The Little Blue River Parkway". We found a network of like 9 trails that wind around the river near a small lake.

We backpacked around for a while (not long enough) and decided it was a cool area (Holmes and 120th maybe) and we need to come back. Heath is starting to get excited about backpacking and wants to squeeze in a trip this fall.

After the hike we headed home and Heath went off to a batchelorette party and Peanut and I took a nap and watched a movie. The rest of the night I cleaned the garage, then painted my garage floor with epoxy and cleared off the deck so I could put down wood stain in the morning.

Sunday morning I stained the deck for a while until the rain clouds scared me away and then it eventually rained. Then we went to birthday lunch with Heath’s mom to Waldo Pizza. Then I watched the game and Heath napped. Peanut was bouncing off the walls with boredom so we took him to a McDonald’s play place (the park was wet). Then we went to bed.


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3 Responses to Birthdays and some backpacking

  1. H says:

    Jon and Me.  Steven and Chris were only back-up singers.

    P.S.  my throat hurt on Sat because of all the singing!

  2. thePrewitt says:

    No one must be arround today for Heath to set herself up like that for over an hour and no one to take advantage or lower her karma.

  3. Mistro says:

    Ill skip the joke and just lower her karma.  Happy bday H!!

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