Run through the jungle

So weeks ago we got a new dinning room table and the last two chairs were ready for us last night. I was going to get them while at work and take them home but when the end of the day came the sky was dark and full of rain clouds and the wind was blowing. I decided not to risk getting the fancy new chairs wet and drove home with out them. A few blocks down the road I saw sprinkles on my windshield and by the time I got home it was unloading rain on me.

Now the two things I need to get done can’t be done in the rain (water treat my deck and paint mom’s house). So I talked to Heath and decided to take advantage of the rain and go for a run at La Benite Park. It took almost an hour to get out there because everyone was driving slow in the downpour but we found the park with little trouble and could see the bridge over the Missouri River.

Heath and I had never been to this park but I found it online yesterday because it has hiking and primitive camping. It is part of or connected to the River Bluff Nature Preserve and located off the Missouri river where 291 goes over it. We were impressed at how nice the boat ramp and park area off from the parking lot was. It had nice playgrounds and pick nick setups then a couple of nice trails leading into the woods.

We followed the trail that went right along the river and due to the rain it was wet, sloppy and slick. We stopped to stretch early on in fear we would slip and pull something on the mud. The trail was up on a bluff and really just followed along the river bank for just over two miles. We saw lots of frogs and poison ivy and I saw the tail of a white tail deer through the thick woods.

Once we got to the end and the path was too overgrown to find and we were about out of time we ran back along the same path. We had crossed poison ivy several times and I had run through countless spider webs so we drove over to the boat ramp and went down to rinse off our legs arms and faces. (we were already soaked so it was nice to have less muddy water on us.

We got home just in time to greet the dinning room chairs former owner who delivered them for us. Then we made some nachos and burritos w/ chicken, chili beans, corn and cheese and watched some TV then showered and went to bed. Both of us were a bit soar this morning from trying to run on slick mud.



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    isn’t that where they found those two kids that the dad hid?  and poison ivy?  you be careful out there . . .

  2. thePrewitt says:

    I forgot to post about all the creepy guys in the parkinglot. There were like 6 trucks or SUVs in the parking lot parked far apart and they all had one guy sitting in the driver seat all alone.

    One guy was right next to the trailhead and he was watching us real suspicious and then when we got back from our run (about an hour later) they were all still there but the one by the trailhead had another car parked next to him faceing the other dirrection so they could talk. None of these guys seemed to be fishing or anything so I don’t know what was going on.

    I suspect gay stuff but they were not sneaky and they all looked to be alone for a long time. 


  3. H says:

    It was really wierd and suspicious about all the guys just sitting there.  And I don’t think they were waiting for traffic or for the rain to stop, because the rain had mostly stopped by the time we got there, and traffic dies off around 6 or so, and that is about the time we arrived (and they were still there when we left closer to 7).


    are you sure they were alone in the car?  maybe there was someone in their laps?

    when i worked at fry wagner, we were at the BMA building in midtown.  there was suspicious activity at the park over there.  you would see two guys walk in the woods together and then one would come out . . . very bizarre.  there was a sting operation there a few weeks later and a bunch of people got busted.  NG was not involved.

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