A typical start to a long night

Well after work I made a sweet dinner.

I took some country style pork rib meat and cut it into strips then wrapped it up in foil with onion, green peppers, garlic, and terriaki sauce. I tossed this in the toaster oven then started the rice cooker up with some good short grain Asian white rice. Above the rice I put in frozen green beans, corn carrots and more garlic.

We went for a run that was not very far but kicked our butts. Heath and I are in terrible shape to be running a 1/2 marathon in a few weeks. We got home and tore up the dinner while watching the $1 "Happy Feet" we had rented from the library. Once done eating I went out on the deck and got to putting down the wood sealant stuff and Heath and Peanut went to get groceries and take back the movie. I painted until it got dark then I got my drop light and tried to continue to paint but it looked terrible so I stopped. Heath and Peanut got lots of yummy fruit and veggies and snacks to eat while tailgateing tonight. I really don’t know what exactly but I’m sure it will compliment the beer and the $1 hot dogs nicely.

That brings up an interesting question I tried to answer this week.

If you really like to grill and have fire while out at a stadium but want to take full advantage of $1 hot dogs what do you cook? It seems like some sort of appetizer type dish that you can cook or reheat on a fire but I never came up with one. Any ideas for next time?

So we pained and got stuff to eat and drink then we put Peanut to bed and assured him there were no bears in the house. ( I told him about Goldilocks at the library) Then Heath ran back to the store for forgotten stuff and I got ready for work.

I went in and did some easy reboots and put some fans in stuff and was extra careful to make sure everything was working properly when I left. I was home for 30 min or so and got a call that something was broke. I tried to fix it with remote desktop but it was a hard drive failure or something so I had to go in and touch stuff so got ready and went back to work. I confirmed that it had been working fine when I left an hour or so earlier and then tried to track down the problem. My main concern was getting every functional by 5am when people came in and needed to access their data.

I had 300GB of data to move aground and make accessible and got it all done by 3am then went home and slept till 9:30 or so this morning. Then I talked Stephen into breakfast and then came in to try to figure out what happened.


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  1. thePrewitt says:

    Well I’m going to go home and take a nap. the rest of the comments are just gravy.

    Ohh gravy would be good before the $1 hot dogs, slather it on the wings and chips and vegtable tray. Probably not on the fruit though thats gross.  


    if you put a pot of oil on there, you could get little chunks of meat and cook things in the oil on skewers . . . it would be kinda like fondu on a grill . . . kinda gay, but it could be tasty . . .

  3. Ge-off says:

    i think this breaks the tie with the previous post so you now have more comments on this one.


    in my opinion, those buffalo wings that are pre-made are phenomenal on the grill as an app.  i’m not a huge fan of them in the oven, they’re aight, but they don’t seem to get crispy enough.  throw the wings on the grill though, and they are nice an crisp on the exterior with a hint of smokey grill taste, and a nice moist and meaty interior . . . they’re great. 

    similar to these, but you can usually find a bigger, cheaper bag at sam’s or costco . . .

  5. Stooks says:

    I guess I’ll tear up that list of your things I want if you were dead.  Or at least put it away for awhile. 

  6. thePrewitt says:

    that sounds perfect and would go well w/ the celery and veggy dip and stuff H got. I should have posted that question days ago. 🙁

  7. H says:

    You make me laugh!  Who would have thought of that?

    Kevin, your wing idea sound delicious! but for tonight I think the veggie tray I made will have to do.

  8. thePrewitt says:

    Lets try to get more comments on this post then the where is Chris today post so that I feel like me posting is better then sleeping in. How about a picture comment topic like old ladies.

  9. Stooks says:

    Every time I see an old person struggling, I laugh.  I eventually feel bad about laughing, so I guess I’m not that awful.

  10. Anonymous says:

    ask you why this picture!!

    By the way, Yankees made to the playoff, So be ready.


    grilled shrimp would be a good app

    maybe a few skewers full of cocktail weenies, then have the sauce as a separate dip . . . or put it right on there.

    i bet slicing up a bbd and serving it on crackers would be good.

    i wonder if you could put cheese dip in a pyrex or something and heat it on the grill . . .

    a guy i work with stuffs jalapenos w/ cream cheese/spices and wraps them in bacon . . . he cooks em, but i bet they’d be good on a grill.



    that poor grammer and love for everything that is wrong about baseball is unmistakeable . . .

  13. thePrewitt says:

    I was thinking cheese dip too esp. since Stephen is going. If you got it all melted and warm then headed to the game and put it in a pot ot pyrex the grill could warm it up and keep it at a good temp.

    Cocktails weenies are great but a bit too hotdog like. This is why I did not get a kielbasa to toss on and then cut up.  

    If you got a decent fire going you could stick a pot of oil on and do all sorts of fried stuff like fries, onion rings, various poppers.  

  14. Anonymous says:

    expected Yankees came back and make to playoff. You did?I did.

    Good luck for K-State at Texas. I expect KSU ….

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