The rain held off for me

We are back in business.

Well if you read yesterdays comments you know my DVR cable box had stopped working. I was not wild about taking it in but I was even more not interested in missing shows or watching them when they are on with commercial interruption. Well I had taken the box out over the weekend and put it in my truck Tuesday morning so I could return it. Instead of taking Kevin’s reset idea I decided to leave work early and return it before traffic got busy.

The box swap was actually a lot easier then I thought it would be, I walked up said this thing does not work she typed on the computer for a while asked if my name was Chris, gave me a new one and had me sign a paper then I was on my way home. I plugged it in and had classic country playing in no time.

All our recorded shows were gone and all the shows we had set up to record were gone though. It looked like rain and I wanted to get some stuff done outside so I quickly set a few presets, then a few more later in the night but I am sure I’m missing some good shows. So help me out what should we record?

My List so far:

Always Sunny Dora the Explorer House South Park Greys Anatomy Office
My Name is Earl 30 Rock Scrubs Damages

While putting this list down I realize I forgot Heros but what else am I missing?

So I went outside and got the weed whacker going and tore after some problem areas in the front yard. It was running crummy and so I stopped using it and decided to gamble on it not raining and got out the lawn mower. I jumped it with the truck then mowed the lawn. Heath came home and push mowed a few spots I can’t get to in the rider. The lawn mowing went fairly good considering it was kinda wet out and looked on the verge of rain the whole time ohh and the lawn mower is an old piece. The only problem came when I tried to get from the driveway to the side yard and a blade caught on something and bent a bit.

This has happened once before so I knew the drill. pick up the front of the mower and stand it upright (like it was going to drive into the sky) take off 2 small bolts and one big one that hold the blades in, then put it in the vice until it is strait again. Put the blade back on lower the front down and continue mowing.

Check out this link

Or just read me paraphrase, this guy drove his lawnmower under a swing set and got hung up on it, lifting the front up. I could see this happening fairly easy. But instead of putting it in reverse and driving it off he decided to get helpers and put a ladder under it and do all sorts of stupid stuff to lower the mower gently. Mowers are not as heavy as they look I have loaded ours into my truck bed on my own several times. Just lower it off the swing, or if your in for a ride toss it into reverse and ride it down.

Anyhow we got the whole lawn done and it never rained. Then I went for a small run and 4, 30 second sprints and came home for dinner. I browned some burger, tossed in a bag of spinach, an onion, a tomato, some garlic and a box of stroganof hamburger helper. Cooked it all up and Heath and I ate it up. Then we watched a bunch of tv some new, some old, some good (Damages), some bad (Cavemen). This is when I finished adding some DVR shows. We also had some bowls of peppermint ice cream and I took a shower to get off the sweat, grass and any poison ivy I got while picking up sticks in my yard.

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6 Responses to The rain held off for me

  1. Heather says:

    That show is so stupid!

  2. Ge-off says:

    that’s all.

  3. Mistro says:

    30 Rock is a good show.  Also, I honestly liked the Caveman show.  Anyone else?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Have I ever ripped on Heath, but for God’s sake that was a dumb and inaccurate observation.

  5. Stooks says:

    Can’t forget Kevin and Winnie.

  6. thePrewitt says:

    Yeah I love Wonder Years, can’t forget them.

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