holes and paints

Got off work and changed into grubbies, went to moms and painted

I also painted the house.

So Heath beat me to moms but as soon as I got there we got busy. Heath worked on painting the low edges and I worked on priming the high stuff. Once it was all primed and mom was ready we ate some dinner.

Fried Zucchini Succotash ravioli coors light

Then Heath and I both worked on painting the edges. The "edges" refers to anything that we could not do with a roller. My mom’s house is flat but has a 1×2 running all the way up every 16 inches or so. The 1 of the 1×2 would not be able to gotten with a roller so we had a lot of edges to get.

The good news is that just before dark we got all the edges done. So now we just need to roll paint on to finish the side. There is an overhang to get painted white as well but it is all primed and ready for real paint.

(Painting is not bad but no where near as fun as this lady makes it out to be.)

At dusk we headed home and Jon and Matt came over. We talked about juggling the soccer ball but instead hung out in the kitchen and on the deck for a while. It was a really nice cool night out.

Eventually we headed in and watched a new episode of South Park about tourette’s syndrome then Jon headed home and Matt and I watched a new show called pushing up daisies that was… strange.

In the morning I tossed some chicken breasts onions and green peppers in a bag full of garlic and herb marinade.

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