Give me a break

So I took off work today! Luckily I also did not do much last night so my post will be pretty weak. I did get up extra early so Heath and I could go for a run then I cooked up an omlet for Heathy. Now she is off to work and after playing on the computer a bit I am headed outside to get the last of my deck weather treated. Then I hope to get some stuff back up on top of the deck and grill some burgers for lunch. Beyond that I am not sure. I do plan on checking back if you have questions about tomorows tailgate party.

I’m out the site is all yours.  

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2 Responses to Give me a break


    Now what am I supposed to do?  It’s Friday . . .

  2. Heather says:

    Help me think of some dinnner ideas….something that will not resembe anything we are planning on eating tomorrow….

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