PSU Game

The Spicy:

So here they are…

Spicy Regular Light

So the light is a skinny turkey dog wrapped in a a slice of cheese, a burger and one slice of bacon.

Regular was a ballpark beef frank wrapped in cheese, a burger and 2 slices of bacon

and the spicy was a kielbasa sausage wrapped in cheese, a quarter lbs burger, then 2 slices of thick cut bacon then topped with 2 red peppers, 2 yellow peppers, 2 orange peppers, 3 jalapeño peppers, then a few squirts of tobasco and a swirl of hot and spicy KC masterpiece BBQ sauce.

I tossed them all on the grill with a pot of beans and an assortment of hot and spicy and tequila lime chicken wings.

The wings and the BBDs went very very fast but the beans were awkward and people had trouble finding spoons and plates and things.

Just shows people like finger foods.

And people like big piles of meat they can put their fingers on.

Otherwise the game was business as usual tossing the football around, juggling the soccer ball, some washers, snack food, free coors and miller products.

I think everyone believed it to be the best PSU Arrowhead tailgate yet.

Sunday Heath and I took Peanut to a pumpkin patch that H used to work at and has some ties to.

We found several great pumpkins and brought them home.

Peanut really wanted a tractor hay ride but it was gone for a really long time so we just played on another one that was not running. He looked like a natural behind the wheel after using the power wheels one.

We got out of the patch just in time to avoid the rain and went home to watch the Chiefs blow and work on a Halloween project. The project is not quite done yet and I did not take any pictures so I’ll save it for tomorrow.

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8 Responses to PSU Game

  1. Anonymous says:

    those look like the best bbds yet.  wow. 

    have you ever had a westport flea market burger?  i ate there yesterday afternoon for the first time ever.  it was pretty good.  i put pepperjack, nacho cheese, mayo, tomato, bbq sauce, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and mustard on my burg.  my hands looked similar to yours after eating the buffalo burger at Teds. 

  2. thePrewitt says:

    yeah i have had the flea market burger twice and it is really good but certainly not the best burger in the city as they claim. I’m not a fan of eating there because…

    1. Cash only

    2. wierd order process in corner of bar thing

    3. drinks (even tea) are on a seperate ticket you do through the waitress not through the grill so you are pressured to tip for a glass of ice tea?

    4. The condiment area is alright but looks a bit questionable if they are not going to go to the trouble of putting some sides on your burger or plate I think they should expand the condiment area and make sure everything is always looking very fresh and tasty.  

    Also do they have free refills?

    I do like drinking cheep beer there though.  


    personally, i like the Corner Cocktail burgs better than the WFM burgs.  they were pretty good though. 

    sharon and i took exception to everything you listed . . . amazing.  in the condiment section, i would like to see some jalaps, mushrooms, red/green/yellow peppers, cheese sauce (without rotel), olives, fried onion slivers, hard boiled egg slices, different types of mustard, anchovies, peanut butter, bleu cheese crumbles, thousand island dressing, and some more unusual stuff that may or may not be good on a burger.  if they are going to make me dress my own burg, i’d like to have a condiment section that rivals a grocery store salad bar.  refills are free, but the fact that the burgs and drinks are seperate checks really gave me a headache. 

     their cheese fries are great.

  4. thePrewitt says:

    That is a great list of stuff to have or at least try out on a burger. Did you guys have a buy one get one coupon for the burgers?


    no BOGO on the burger, i wish though.  do they have those often or something? 

    maybe for a meatfest we could have mini burgers . . . they’d be small so we would be able to eat multiple with different toppings, and we could try out some of the different toppers.

  6. thePrewitt says:

    I think a sliders w/ toppings would be a very informative and fun meatclub. We could get a number of toppings and rate them all and publish our findings.

  7. Stooks says:

    You hosting, Kevbo?


    i could host.  not sure when a good time is yet, but really any weekday should work.

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