Got a wedding to go to on Saturday

So Congrats to Brian ( that set up the new site) and Courtney.


My plans for tonight are fairly open though. The boat would be a good time but it needs a lot of work and no one wanted to go but Jon and I. So if anyone has anything going on or any suggestions please let me know. Otherwise we will probably end up hitting a happy hour or something fairly early.

Last night my mom and Heath’s mom both came over for dinner. We had:

an exotic salad (exotic because of ginger dressing and mandarin oranges),
some steamed rice,
a pile of shish kabobs (teriyaki beef garlic and herb chicken wrapped in bacon fresh cut pineapple mushrooms red and yellow onions and green peppers),
and a pineapple angel food cake (I just ate all the leftover cake for breakfast).

Everything was great and it was a pretty good time and ate a lot of food. When the moms left we got Peanut ready for bed and read the charlie brown great pumpkin book. It was kinda weak and I was surprised that it was not a better story.

We made sure all the windows were closed and the house stayed fairly warm. We have a wacky attic fan and I need to remember to go up in the attic and cover it up so no heat escapes through it.

Then I went to work for a real quick computer move. We have a KCUR Fund raiser next week and will have lots of volunteers around. I had a server on the floor in our wire room and needed to shut it down when no one was around to disconnect it and put it in the rack where it belongs.

I got back home in no time and Heath and I watched The Office.

I kinda wanted to watch "It’s Always Sunny" too but got tired.


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  1. thePrewitt says:

    I had a staff lunch there today and the salad and bread is ok there but the pasta is so weak. It is all about the noodles and the sauce is nearly nonexistant. I dont remember seeing or tasteing any meat or vegtables w/ any of the 3 types of pasta I tried. I did see a bit of Fungi but not much (mushroom).

  2. thePrewitt says:

    Thinking BBs Lawnside BBQ for happyhour at the moment

  3. Stooks says:

    Anyone else think they’re kind of pushing it with all these hour-long episodes?  There have been a lot of funny moments, but usually about 15 minutes of each show has blown compared to past performance. 

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