Tomfooleries has an upstairs

I never knew before last night but by the time we sat down at our third table I knew the whole bar a lot better especailly the upstairs.


Read more for some thoughts on Peanut butter and Burgers.

First peanut butter burgers, where did they originate, who has the best ones, does anyone order them because they think it makes a burger better, have you had one, what did you think?

I don’t think I have ever had one in a restaurant but I have seen lots of T-Shirts from Wheel In or for the Guberbuger (not sure if this is from the same place or somewhere else). I have made them myself a few times and they are not bad but they are not the best thing to sneak onto a burger. Jon ordered one from TF last night (even though they were not on the happy hour menu) and was disapointed in it. This made me realize I am typically disappointed when I make one and I wonder if it is just because I have never gotten one from a place with T-shirts claiming how good they are or if they are always just ok?

So my dreams of walking from work to TF were ruined by the rain. A few weeks ago Stephen and I walked there for lunch and came up with the happy hour plan that involved us walking along brush creek (past the goose poop and bums) to TF. Stooks gave us a ride over though so we were still ok. We found Jon already there and joined him for a beer. We found out we were in a smoke free section and had an awkward conversation with the waitress about moving and decided not to make Jon tab out and just stay there. We all got a beer and when we went to order another our waitress wanted to tab out all of us so she could go home. We did then moved upstairs where people could smoke if they wanted to.

We took a large table and waited for a waitress. A bartender with a high pitched voice said someone would be with us soon but that a group was coming and we needed to move tables. We went to the other far end of the upstairs and were able to get a table a waitress and drinks. Jon got his burger and the rest of us looked over the happy hour list.

Derrick showed up then Heath and Becky and eventually Heath’s friend Amanda. We got lots of stuff off the happy hour menu and most of it was really good. We stayed till 7 then closed out tabs again and of course everyone was a bit wound up and wanted to karaoke in our basement so we all moved there.

From then on it was the standard taking turns singing all the greats we could think of while drinking Milwaukee’s Best Ice. Thanks to Ben we had one suggestion from the site and Journey rocked the house. Everyone practiced songs they planed to sing tonight at the Red Balloon and try out songs they don’t have the balls to try at the bar.

I was sure everyone would be done by 10 but it was still going, then 10:30 but it was just starting to slow down, then at 11 I packed up for the night and headed to bed. I heard a few more songs then eather I fell asleep or the night ended.


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7 Responses to Tomfooleries has an upstairs

  1. Ge-off says:

    Is this upstairs part like a whole other level, or is it the slightly raised section that you refer to as upstairs?  I have not been to TF in a long, long time so maybe they have changed it alot.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    It is really up a whole flight of stairs and on top of the normal part of the bar and has a seperate bar and everything.


    they recently remodeled fooleries.  the upstairs is new, that’s why you didn’t know it was there before.  there is also a patio outside.  i like the upstairs though . . . it’s better than the downstairs.  it’s more open.

    i ate at the wheel-inn and had a guberburger there.  they really are nothing special.  i don’t think PB ruins a burg, i just don’t think it adds a lot.  i think the idea of the PB burg is supposed to elicit more of a "wow, this burger isn’t as crappy as it sounds" reaction.

  4. Heather says:

    I expected to see way more comments today…WTF guys?  Too busy with work stuff to entertain the rest of us? Gosh……

  5. Stooks says:

    I had it once at the Meat Market in Lawrence. It tasted pretty good at the beginning and started to get abnoxious at the end. It tore up my stomach, too.

  6. Ben Clark says:

    You have to eat it on a steak burger like winsteads.  A regular hamburger tastes like crap.

    I have been eating guberburgers since I was a kid, evidently they are chalk full of growth hormones, see me to get the reference in that joke.
  7. Stooks says:

    By the way, I have spellcheck built into my browser, and it works in every place write text online…except at  That’s perfect. 

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