a bit worn down but lots to do

Well time is short this morning


because of station activity. Our fund raiser is nearing it’s end (Sussie Rolling’s name was just announced as a doner) and more exciting George Brett will be here in the next 30 minutes to Tape today’s Up to Date show.


"He’s a guy with a white collar job but underneath he
still wears Royal Blue. In his fourteenth year as Vice-President of
Baseball Operations he now spends more time in the front office than on the
field. Kansas City
Hall of Famer George Brett joins Steve Kraske today.

Brett’s plaque at the Baseball Hall of Fame reads in part: “played each game with
ceaseless intensity and unbridled passion.” Steve Kraske talks with the
man who played twenty years for the Royals about being an icon in the sport, if
the Royals will ever see a return to the glory of previous seasons and whether
the intensity and passion have mellowed since his playing days."


Well after work Heath and I screwed around a while then got some rice in the cooker and some salmon in the oven and left for a run. We did not want to wear ourselves down much since our race is tomorrow morning so we decided just to run for 30 minutes. I imagine we ran right about 3 miles. When we got home our rice was ready but our salmon needed a bit more cooking. While it was cooking we boiled water for Miso soup, fried up an egg, cooked some terriaki chicken and shrimp, diced celery, jalapeños, and some cabbage. Once the salmon was done we laid it all out on the table and made up some sushi. We ate a ton and it was really good but not extremely filling.

I wanted a full belly for a Red Balloon night so headed out for a couple double cheeseburgers and some cash. Jon and Matt came by then we all headed up to the balloon and got a table in the middle instead of on our typical ledge. Jenna showed up shortly later to join in the fun.

There was a very large group in the bar and many of them were dressed in 80s attire in support of a couple of birthdays. They really took over the bar and made it hard for anyone else to get a song esp a non 80s song. We were out of the loop and mostly observers for the night.

However we patiently out waited them and got a few songs in at the end. I can’t think of any extremely memorable character in he bar. I did find several good songs while there and added them to the Karaoke Play list link on my site.

After RB we had a lively conversation on where to get food. Jon was set on Steak and Shake even though it was in the wrong dirrection and everyone else wanted a quick drive through. Taco Bell eventually won out and we pulled into an empty drive through. The little message played and then Jon started placing an order for all of us (without our input on food choices). About 1/2 way through the order he was interrupted with the employing saying "hello". Jon said "hello", they responded "you want taco bell?" We were confused and tried to reorder but the order box never responded.

We were really lost and decided to pull up to the window. We found the staff was there but really smiley and gigley. They assured us they did get our order but we needed to repeat it. Eventually the car full of drunks and the store full of possibly high employees got everything worked out and we got 12 items and headed home to spread them out and devour them.

It was tasty and filled my belly nicely and likely went a long way in making me feel good this morning.

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10 Responses to a bit worn down but lots to do

  1. thePrewitt says:

    I just got a good firm handshake and a smile. 

  2. Stooks says:

    I remember Jon saying that repeatedly into the order box before we gave up and pulled ahead.  It feels good to know that we were entertainment for some low-paid stoners.

  3. Heather says:

    Matt, Do you remember giving Jon your 1/2 aten 1/2lb beef and cheese burrito, and then helping me eat the rest of my taco?

  4. Stooks says:

    It took me awhile to realize you meant half-eaten, but yes, I remember.
    I wasn’t down with all those beans. I hate beans (see here) but I was still hungry.

  5. Heather says:

    Spelling has never been my best subject!

  6. TCB says:

    ask him to be a manager of royals next year.

  7. Ge-off says:

    Did you tell him you used to work at Mail Boxes, Etc. and helped him and his wife ship numerous things?

  8. Stooks says:

    Even worse, they’re hiring a manager from Japan.

    Luckily, the manager isn’t Japanese, he just went over there to manage. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is graet news for Royals. He lead his team to champinon last year.I can wait next season already. By the way, colorado will be a cham this yaer. They were worst team last season and became a great team this year. Do you know why? Because of Kaz Matsui. We Royals need a Japanese play soon.


    i love you KK.

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