Post about the weekend and the Marathon

Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon – Half Marathon

event logo
date: Oct 20th, 2007
location: Kansas City, MO

number of finishers: 2585
number of females: 1487
number of males: 1098
average time: 02:13:02

Chris Prewitt
bib number: 2256
age: 27
gender: M
location: Kansas City, MO
overall place: 1155 out of 2585
division place: 126 out of 192
gender place: 689 out of 1130
time: 2:05:35
pace: 9:35
gun time: 2:07:59


Heather Clevenger
bib number: 2257
age: 27
gender: F
location: Kansas City, MO
overall place: 1287 out of 2585
division place: 154 out of 368
gender place: 543 out of 1520
time: 2:08:00
pace: 9:46
gun time: 2:10:23

Alright everything above is our results from the marathon. Friday night we took it easy for the most part. First we had a big pile of spaghetti then Heath Peanut and I drove out to Crown Center to scope things out and pick up our race packet (number thing, electronic chip, coupons and random giveaways, and our t-shirts). Crown Center did not have anything fun for Peanut to do so we just walked around a little bit and hung out by the fountains for a while.

Everyone was tired when we got home and went right to bed. Heath and I got up at 5:30am on Saturday and started to get ready. My mom came over to watch Peanut and we headed back downtown. Parking was easy and the massive crowd was easy to find but the bathrooms were tough to locate and then once we found a huge line of porta potties there was a massive line and we spent the entire warm up time in line to use the bathroom.

Like this but dark and full of runners and a line for every 3 potties.

The race started at 7 and we got moving along pretty well. We started at Crown Center then headed downtown then back and over around the liberty memorial. From there we headed to Westport and ran right threw the deserted streets and toward the plaza. The plaza was fairly hopping but they still had a street shut down for us. We ran through the plaza and past the Nelson museum and right over to my office then turned back up north.

We went through neighborhoods for a while and "Historic Hyde Park" was the only thing they really pointed out until we reached the 18th and Vine Jazz district. There were bands set up along the trail playing for us every few miles and they had a cool jazz band right in front of the blue note. After looping the jazz district we headed back toward crown center and then over to the Freight district where Lydia’s and Jack Stack are. That was the finish line. Here is a pdf if you like

So as you maybe saw above we finished in just over 2 hours at a pace of just under 10 minutes per mile. We ran the whole way and felt good doing it. The course had some rough hills but the weather was fantastic and the wind had not picked up yet. Both H and I beat our time from last April by about 5 minutes and we had barely trained for it. At mile 7 I commented to H that this was the farthest we had run since our last marathon and we 6 miles to go. I was kinda nervous about the race till we got going then it was a lot of fun and felt good.

(and we did not look like a goon)

So we finished and found mom and Peanut and had a Boulevard, a milk, an orange juice, a bottle of water and an apple, bread and a banana. Everyone was getting or still hungry and we went home and changed out some shoes and clothes then went to breakfast at Gomers Chicken (99th and Holmes). It was a great breakfast and everyone was pleased. I got the chicken fried chicken with 2 over easy eggs, wheat toast and a pile of hash browns and it was sooo good and tender and delicioso.

The rest of the weekend we slept and drank water and ate lots and tried not to stand or walk or use our legs any more then necessary.

Sunday night after the chiefs win we decided working on Monday was no good. We were still sore and tired and had not gotten to do much this weekend because of the race so took the day off from work and I do apologize for not giving you more notice.



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14 Responses to Post about the weekend and the Marathon

  1. thePrewitt says:

    I forgot but today may be perfect for me if you will forgive me and still want to go?


    i’m up for some delicious burgers today.  just name the time . . .

  3. thePrewitt says:

    I think an early lunch would be good for me.


    i’ll see you there at 11:30.  i didn’t eat breakfast today, so they better be ready to fill me up.

    anyone else in the area care to join?


    there’s a menu online now . . .

  6. Ge-off says:

    I was in the area earlier at the crime lab, but had no access to so I wasn’t able to check it and stay in that area instead of heading back to O-town.

  7. Ge-off says:

    Apparently, Ashleys marathon relay team won the award for best costume.  Somehow her and this old guy she runs with won by dressing like runners.  I think they thought her and her twin sister were a team, because they dressed exactly alike and finished together.  NERD ALERT!

  8. Ge-off says:

    I’ve been there a couple times with my parents.  It’s pretty good.  They have some good espinaca dip.

  9. thePrewitt says:

    The 12oz burger I got was tasty. Real good beef that fused with the cheese for a greasy delight. a reasonable pile of decent fries was on the side. It looked kinda small for 12 oz and the fact that they were acting like it was massive and would ruin me if eaten.

  10. thePrewitt says:

    Matt from the looks of the link above Bams could use some website help.


    i’d recommend giving this place a shot if you are in the mood for a good burg.  their menu has some different burgs on it, that’s part of what makes it good. 

    prewitt got a 12 ouncer, mine was only six, but it was dressed with a little more flava.  if i could have gotten an extra 6oz patty to make mine a double, it would have been perfect (but we’re not sure if that’s possible).  they acted as if no human alive could finish the burger that prewitt ordered, but when it was delivered, it turned out to be no bigger than your run of the mill double burg.

    prewitt’s right, fries were pretty standard, but i want to try their chili fries as well as a few more items on the menu.   

    i give it a 3.5 burgs out of a possible 5 burgs.

  12. Heather says:

    The baja burger looks good.  Jalapenos, black olives, and Pepper Jack….and a side of sour cream.  Yummy!

  13. thePrewitt says:

    I imagine the 3 witches  I passed are pissed. I also went as a runner so maybe they should split the prize with me?


    fine . . . 🙁

    never heard of kokopelli’s, you’ll have to fill me in.

    fyi, i got my zune on friday, pretty quick turn around from woot.  so far so good.  it’s kind of bulky, but it’s not as heavy as it looks.  can’t beat the cost per gigabyte though.  i have 1,500 songs on it and still have 20gigs available.  i would anticipate the new zune (which is supposed to be thinner and lighter) to be pretty comparable to an ipod . . . too bad it will compare to ipod’s price as well.  if MS was smart, they’d lower the price of the Zune to try to create a little more interest in the product.  it’s too late for them to catch iPod matching feature for feature at the same price . . . i should work for microsoft. 

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