Stiff wood

Well ever since the 1/2 marathon my joints have been a bit stiff and I have not run much.

I’m not sure they are still recovering from the run or just other activities have been wearing them out too. So I left work a bit early and when I got home I stretched and went for a small run. I felt pretty good and once warmed up could not tell anything had been stiff. After my run I put another coat of blue paint on the top of the desk in the laundry room. I was kneeling on the concrete and my knees got stiff again? Then Heath got home and we ran to Aldi. We got about 70 items which is a pretty full cart.

We took the food home and I grilled up some chicken breasts and we tossed them in tortillas with cheese and sauce and spinach and tomatoes. Then Heath got ready for an indoor soccer game and I got ready to go back to work and to the hardware store. I got some poison ivy killer and clear coat and looked a bit for big sheets of clear plastic stuff that I could use for the top of the desk I’m working on but did not see anything.

Then I went to work and did work stuff for a bit. While data was moving around I had some time to kill and called Jon. He met me at Brooksider and we had a few 16oz aluminum bottles of bud light.

Jon did not like them but he loved his Cordon Blue Burger. Then I went back to work and finished up a few things and headed home.

Jon and I mostly discussed our fears of not having enough firewood with winter approaching. Typically we make a few trips to Tony’s farm to cut wood but no one has seen or heard from Tony since the Utah Backpacking trip last year. I am going to make an effort to keep an eye on craigslist for free wood but otherwise we may have to drive down to Miami OK to get wood this season.


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