T-Shirt Design

I have 3 fronts and 3 backs I would like each of you to tell me what you like and don’t like.


I think you should look at the back first because this is what people will see as you are bent over to blowing chunks and what they will see as we speed past.




Now the white on the hair will all be just white but what do you think about the font and message? Also I am ok with mixing up the picture on there if we want too.

Now here is the front, ladies sorry no man will ever read this but many may look like they are.




On this last one we could drop the RUN DRINK PUKE since the message below says the same thing.

I decided against setting up a poll because all these designs are flexible and I really don’t care about the majority vote as much as some good ideas or thoughts I hope to hear.


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9 Responses to T-Shirt Design

  1. Heather says:

    I like the first back, and the first front.  My drinking team has a running problem, and Balls to the wall front.  I also like 3rd time’s a charm, and run 6 miles, drink 6+ drinks, try to keep it down front.

  2. Stooks says:

    I like Back1, and I think you should not have any extra slogan on the front.  Just keep the run, drink, puke. 


    adding too many slogans muddles things up . . .

  4. thePrewitt says:

    I’m surprised I thought the breakfast one was funny. (back2)

    I think I like Front3 the best and plan to erase the (RUN), (DRINK), (PUKE) and move up the rest.

  5. TCB says:

    Back 1 and front 1

  6. Stooks says:

    At least for the 6+ drinks.  For some reason, I think six drinks sounds weak. 

     And, I’m not sure if I understand "I eat Joggermeisters for breakfast." Does it mean, I eat my fellow joggers for breakfast?  Or that you eat past year’s Joggermeisters for breakfast?  I’m confused. 

  7. thePrewitt says:

    yeah 6 does sound weak, i guess it ends up being like twice as many for some of us.

  8. Ge-off says:

    I like the breakfast one for some reason.  Maybe cause I like breakfast?  I’m not really sure why, but I’m just not a big fan of "My drinking team has a running problem".

    Also like  Front 1.  

  9. thePrewitt says:

    run 6 miles, get your drink on, try to keep it down?

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