finnaly back up

Sorry about the site being down early this morning.

I’m not real sure what it was all about but I think they were making it faster.

Well yesterday at lunch I ran to 79th and Wornal on a tip from Geoff to get some free firewood. Here is my treasure in my truck bed last night.

It’s a decent pile of wood but it is too fresh to burn this year and it is really wacky shapes and sizes that will be difficult to split and get into burnable sizes but I like a challenge. There is a lot of wood in those two big rounds in the back its just a matter of getting to it.

Well after work it was kinda nice, sunny, a bit of a cold wind and the sun farther down then normal but not bad. So I was motivated to go on a little run and got read, then I browned some deerburger and Peanut and Heath came home and got ready and we went to Lee park so Peanut could ride his bike and I could run. When we got there it was no longer nice out, it was really windy and pretty darn cold. I ran even shorter then I planned and then checked on Peanut and Heath they were ok so I ran some 20/40s until I got the need to run out of my system and everyone was hungry.

Wait wait wait, whats a 20/40 you ask? Kevin remembers but for the rest of you I sprint down the soccer field from one goal to the other and must get to the end in 20 seconds then a light jog back getting to the first goal in 40 seconds. Once the 60seconds total is up you turn around and sprint back. If you do them fast you get a small break before the next one starts, if you don’t run real fast you never stop running. My first time down was like 12 seconds but my last was like 17seconds.

Back to my adventures.

So we went home and finished getting our Lasagna hamburger helper ready and of course added mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and spinach. I also baked some biscuits and we had cottage cheese and fruit cocktail.

After dinner we decided to go downstairs so Heath could work on some cards for some lady dress thing,

Peanut could use his new spiderman crayons

on his new dinosaur coloring book

and I could get the last of the stain done on the desk.

Well why just show goofy pictures of it here is the real deal. Heath and Peanut coloring.

And Here I am staining while Peanut colors me a picture of a dinosaur to take to work and show all my friends.

Once the desk was stained, the dino colored and the cards stamped or something we went up and got Peanut in bed and read 4 books. Then Heath skipped her soccer game and we started putting the clear coating on all our old stain. we got all the wall and trim and shelves done but had to leave the desk to dry for 24hrs. So all that is left on this project is to clear coat the desk and the bottom of the shelves then put the top back on the desk and put the room back together. It may be done tomorrow.

Tonight we are going to fire up the fire place for the first time of the year. We are all really excited. I got a pound of tender deer loin out last night to defrost and marinade all day and we will grill it on the fireplace and Peanut will cook a hot dog and marshmallows.

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8 Responses to finnaly back up


    it was my favorite episode of the season . . . such a cleverly written show.  i love it.

    20/40s . . . you are quite the stud.  i ran some of those last summer and they are no picnic.  they just aren’t the same without coach staus motivating me at the end . . .

  2. Heather says:

    What is this motivation your coach was giving you? A back rub or worse?


  3. thePrewitt says:

    If it is anything like the motivation coach taylor gave me.

  4. Heather says:

    At the first few glances I thougth the plumber at the top of the post was Frank from "It’s Always Sunny" but now after closer obsveration, I see that it is not.  Just an imposer.  What a fake out! 

  5. Ge-off says:

    79th and Conser was where you went to get that wood.

     I’ve never heard of grilling on a fireplace, but then again, I’ve never heard of doing alot of the stuff you do.

  6. Heather says:

    Chris forgot to mention we watched Heros and it was great!

  7. thePrewitt says:

    I’m used to saying everything is on wornal I guess. I know i was thinking Metcalf when I wrote that.

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