I want a catfish

Unrelated to my post entirely. I want a meatclub meeting. Next week would be good for me. Does anyone want to suggest a night place or meat? If there is interest but no place to go I may be able to talk Heath into letting the men take over my house again.

At the end of the day yesterday I was heading out of work and saw the printer repair guy walking up and so came back into work and showed him the printer he would be working on. This got me out late and when I got home Peanut was ridding his bike in the driveway and Heath was making a salad. I grilled some chicken and helped get dinner on the table and and we tried to eat dinner quick. Then we headed to the Waldo library. It was time to return our books and get new ones and we saved the trip for tonight because of a special kids activity.

Children: Jump, Jog and Jingle

Parents as Teachers offers an active learning program focusing on motor
skills, balance, social development, and fun for ages three months to five

We went in to find a wound up older lady and a couple babies with their moms. There was some random toys around hula hoops, been bags, foam blocks, a little square w/ wheels on the bottom and probably some other stuff. I’m not for sure if it was the lady running the thing talking real loud and strange, seeing all the babies, sensing me and Heath’s awkwardness or what but Peanut freaked out and climbed under the table to hide and kept saying he wanted to go.

After a bit of reassurance from us and seeing the toys Peanut decided to come out and give the playtime a chance and spent the next 20 minutes running around knocking down blocks jumping off stuff and being a wild man. It was just a matter of time before he destroyed one of the many babies that showed up so we snuck out at the 1/2 way period. The old lady was not excited about us leaving early but we were tired of hearing about her kids.

We got 6 books, 1 movie and 2 CDs and headed to the pet store with a quarter for the machine that feeds the Koi and Catfish. We looked at all the puppies, kittens, lizards, fish, birds and sharks before heading to the pond section of big fish. The koi are fast and pretty and splash quite a bit and I would guess they get most of the food from most of the visitors. There are 2 catfish in the giant tank with maybe 30+ koi. The big black catfish is 2-3 times the size of the biggest koi and the albino white catfish is about equal in size to the biggest catfish.

We are fans of the catfish and try to get them the food. They do not fight and splash as much as the koi and so it’s hard to get them the fish. The big black one will slowly surface and bob on the top as we try to toss food into his mouth. Much of it sticks to his mouth and he can’t see it so bobs under and then tries to catch it on the surface. He seems to be a very personable and friendly cat and occasionally we forget the sign asking not to touch the water and we rub the top of his head.

I really think he likes this, last night when Peanut gave him the last of the food he reached over and rubbed his head and told him good bye to be a good catfish or something and the fish just sat there and let his head be petted until Peanut was done and turned away.

We got our crickets and headed to Big Lots to scope it out and see if they had anything we needed. We found a few good items then headed home to read some new books. Heath read a Dr.Seuss one called Mama Loves and I read Where the Wild things Are. Then Peanut fell asleep in no time and we put the final touches on the laundry room project.

Here are the pictures, I really should have done before and after but didn’t take any before it was just a dirty yellow color. The trim and desk and shelves and all was unpainted or stained. We bought random bright orange paint then made up everything from there and it really ended up making the room feel warm and comfy especially with the lights turned down.

The room looks really good now and will soon become very underapreciated as it fills with scrap booking supplies and dirty laundry. But it was a good project and gave Heath and I some ideas and experience for working on other house projects.

My most pressing project is getting all the leaves and acorns and sticks and beer cans and trash out of the boat and get a tarp tied down over the top so I don’t find it full of rotting nastiness come spring.


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14 Responses to I want a catfish

  1. Ge-off says:

    I’m a huge fan of Big Lots.  In fact I went there just last week for some painting supplies and a pad to put under a rug.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    2 Games to give Peanut for Christmas one is a big version of the fishing game where they go arround in a circle and you try to put your line w/ a magnet on it into their mouths and the other looks like hungry hippos but with frogs ($5.50 each).

    1 plastic storage tub

    1 little room heater thing

    cheep nit gloves

    Heath got some drink thing

    and that may be it, if more H will add it


  3. Heather says:

    It seems like there should be more, but I think that is everything….o’yeah, a pitcher for tea?

  4. Stephen says:

    How about my house next Tuesday (November 13th)? Enough notice for everyone?

    I don’t have any plans, as of right now, for what to cook so I’d be open to suggestions.

     BTW, for those that do not know I live right next door to theprewitt.

  5. Stooks says:

    There was some KFC in the refrigerator, so I heated it up for lunch.  Mistake.

  6. Stooks says:

    I never do anything. 

  7. Ge-off says:

    I’m up for next Tuesday. 

    Stephen maybe you can make some of that badass cheese dip again.  It included meat so I imagine it would be ok to have at a meat club meating. 

  8. thePrewitt says:

    I’m in for meat on Tuesday. I’ll try to help think of ideas.

  9. Russell says:

    I’m game for next Tuesday.

  10. thePrewitt says:

    I have a tea jug or two this one is for Peanut’s juice.

    BTW: I had a glass of OJ last night with a couple shots of Canadian Hunter Canadian Whiskey in it and it was surprisingly fantastic.  

  11. Stooks says:

    I know I’m taking a gamble posting this at 3:30, but are you going to get a catfish as a pet, The?

  12. Stephen says:

    Sounds good.  I can do my spicy sausage cheese dip for sure.  Right now they are predicting rain on Tuesday (yeah I know, they can’t really predict that far out) but I say grilling unless it is a downpore or something.   I don’t think we’ve done a chicken meatclub yet… Could do some chicken breast stuffed with ham wrapped in bacon and covered with cheese, which should qualify as meat, right? 

  13. thePrewitt says:


  14. Stooks says:

    Wow, you know it was an intense post when you mention going to Big Lots, getting a couple of nice things, and then not saying what they were. 

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