Surf and Turf

Have you met jumpy?

He is our Oscar fish that likes to jump out of his tank. When we first moved to the new house he jumped out and laid on the carpet for a long time before we found him.

He is a fighter but he is cramped in his little 10 gallon tank. To give him more room we removed all the plants and everything so he can turn around and do a little swimming. Well today may be his lucky day. tonight he moves from a 10 gallon tank to a 55 gallon aquarium.

Last night Heath and I got this guy all cleaned out and set up then filled it with water and got it ready for Jumpy. We had to take all the filters and pumps and stuff to Waldo pets for them to tell us what we needed and didn’t need. Waldo Pets is such a great pet store they put our stuff together replaced some parts and did not charge us a dime. We plan to go back next week and get some new pets.

Jumpy will have space for roommates in his new home so my catfish dreams are coming to fruition. We plan to take Peanut to pick out two small catfish and a picostame sp (sucker fish) and move them into the tank with Jumpy.

Have you met our anole George? He lives in a 10 gallon tank in Peanut’s room and we found out last night we could probably have 6 anoles in that tank if we wanted so when we get the new fish we will probably pick out a new lizard too.


So yesterday I didn’t do anything really. I had fought a tough battle with the nuts the night before and I slept in. Once awake I was not very useful I laid on the couch and kept the DVR playing all day. I did get the energy to start some laundry and get a big fire going. I didn’t really eat until late in the day I just warmed my feet on the fire watched tv and laid there. In the afternoon I got better and better and started playing online and getting dinner ready and then Heath came home and we ran around to the pet store and stuff and got the tank ready.


This morning I checked the mail and found a new Cabelas Christmas catalog sent to the previous home owners. I opened the back page and found Cabelas sells meat. They sell strange meats that many people usually can’t get their hands on. Tonight is meat club so I thought I would talk about some meat I discovered this morning. I have two favorite things from the catalog first the Wild Boar ham. I have never had this or ever remember seeing it as a meat choice anywhere, of course on tv or movies they eat it in deserted islands and stuff but I would bet it is a tasty pig. The other really cool meat for sale is Tur-Duc-Hen. A what you may say?

Picture this – chicken stuffed with your choice of five dressings, stuffed
inside a deboned duck that is stuffed with more dressing. Then put those two
birds inside a turkey filled with even more stuffing and you have a 15-lb.
delicacy known as a Tur-Duc-Hen. It’s a true Southern dining experience that
will have your holiday guests raving. Refrigeration needed. Arrives fresh and
ready to cook.

  • Cornbread Stuffing
  • Shrimp/Crawfish Stuffing
  • Wild Rice/Pecans Stuffing
  • Jambalaya Stuffing
  • Jalapeno/Cornbread Stuffing
  • It sounds amazing but the 15lbs mutant bird costs about 120 or so bucks so I probably won’t be getting one anytime soon. Instead tonight I will sink my teeth into bacon chicken ham and some cheese and vegetables or a Bac-ham-ken.




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    3 Responses to Surf and Turf

    1. Stooks says:

      Do you worry that the catfish might make even the new tank a bit cramped? I do. 


      you are going to have quite the menagerie going over at your house . . .

    3. thePrewitt says:

      I am planning for some loss. I do worry about getting burnt out on pets.

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