Men love Wood and Meat

Well after work last night we all headed to Stephen’s house for some meat club fun.

On my way home from work I stopped by a coworkers house because they converted their fireplace to gas logs and needed to get rid of the firewood and firewood holders. I filled the truck with wood and holders and strapped it down and headed home. Once home I changed clothes and stacked the wood in my yard.

It all fit in one holder so I have an empty one for the next load of wood I find. This morning the coworker gave me some fireplace tools she won’t need anymore also. My firewood situation is really looking good so far.

I’m not ready to slow down the firewood search yet though. This spring Heath and I have decided to convert the downstairs fireplace into a wood stove and use it to assist in the heating of the house. This means anytime we are home we will add wood to the stove and get it to generate as much of the houses heat as we can. So whatever wood is not burned in our fireplaces or minibonfires will be saved for next years heating of the house.

So the wood was stacked in no time and I was ready to relax with the men. We started out with a few beers and conversation. Then moved on to some pool and we dominated a pot of Stephen’s famous rotel cheese dip.

Stephen ran the cooking situation all on his own and soon brought down all the eating supplies and a plate full of bacon wrapped, chicken wrapped, onion, mushroom, cheese, and jalapeño stuffed ham or pepperoni balls.

The grill had made them hard to distinguish and after a little passing around everyone had one they liked and we got after them and the potatoes and corn and garlic croissants. All the food was quite tasty and the experimental meal was a success. Then we got the Flavor Ice for desert that you see in the picture at the top (I had a green one).

We of course are tough strong men so afterworld we sat around the table and looked manly and full of brawn.

The crowd slowly thinned and I eventually went home to see Heath and make a plan for moving jumpy to the big tank. But when I got home I found the heater on the big tank had been turned too high and the water was too hot so we calmed the heater down and decided to move Jumpy tonight instead.

After that I got ready for bed and fell asleep quickly with a tummy full of beer, meat and Flavor Ice.

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10 Responses to Men love Wood and Meat

  1. Stooks says:

    Don’t forget all those knives that can accidentally slip into your vital organs. 

  2. thePrewitt says:

    I’ve always wanted to test putting oranges in a sack and beating a lippy woman to see if it will bruise or not.

  3. Ge-off says:

    Maybe you can dress Stooks up as a woman and beat him with the oranges first.  If they don’t leave a bruise on him, then work the magic on Heath, or another lippy woman.

  4. Heather says:

    I think I will win (throwing or eating!  Haha)!

  5. Heather says:

    It is a good thing men love "meat and wood" because when in jail for above stated black eye, you will be getting plenty of both.

  6. thePrewitt says:

    we have lots of door knobs in our house

  7. Ge-off says:

    there’s also a pretty steep flight of stairs going down to the basement that is pretty easy to fall down………

  8. Heather says:

    Why is this still a work in progress?  Are you adding more content to the already full story?

  9. Ge-off says:

    I neglected to pay Stephen for the food.  I guess I wouldn’t have been able to anyways, because when i got home and looked in my wallet I apparently did not have any cash.

    Note to people wanting to get married:  Sometimes your wife will steal money from you without telling you. 

  10. thePrewitt says:

    Sometimes wifes are clumsy and trip and hit the door knob on the way down. Yeah that is how she got the black eye.

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