Last post about pets for a while

Well Yesterday I claimed I would show some pics of all the new pets that now live in our house with Heath, Peanut and I.

After today I plan to stop mentioning the pets until one dies or we get a new one or I am really desperate for something to write about.

First the Anoles George and Mater. They change colors so I have no idea who is who. You can see one close up here and the other ones head on the rock below.

Now the two ladies are Caroline and Wendy. I’m not sure we ever decided who was who with them so I’ll go ahead and declare that Wendy likes to hide behind the Rome building.

And Caroline has taken the hole in the rocks. You can just see her head here peeking out.

Sometimes Caroline misses Wendy and invites her over to visit but the rock hole is pretty crapmed.

The ladies are looked over by Jumpy. Jumpy may eat them some day but lately he has been preoccupied with making the tank his own. He likes to pick up the plants in his mouth and move them around.

Our last and so far most uninteresting guy is Sam. Sam is very shy and hides under a plant or air filter most of the time. I keep thinking he will get comfortable and start to swim around like he did in the store but who knows.

Someday Sam will be a bullfrog but I guess it could take a couple years. He has some little feet already but that is it so far. It will be cool to monitor his progress if he does not croak first.

Well last night when Heath and Peanut got home we got a drink and headed to the woods south of our neighborhood for a nature hike.

It gets dark so fast and seemed like the sun was setting as we started walking. Peanut’s imagination was in full swing and we collected baby dragons and all sorts of weird things at first but then the nature hike was completely replaced by some sort of pirate mission. We all had swords (sticks) and occasionally had to fight off the bad guys (hitting bushes with our sticks) much of the conversation was about our names. I was Red Beard, Peanut was Captin Peanut and Heath was either Mama Pirate or The Wench depending on who you asked. We eventually found some sand and dug for treasure (rocks) and then our swords became horses and we rode them out of the woods and back to the car just in time for it to get really dark.

On the way home we got a few groceries then took some leftover baja chipotle chicken and made two big pans of chicken nachos. Peanut had a few then decided he would rather eat some leftover ham.

After Dinner Peanut took a bath and played with his construction trucks and men in the tub. Then we watched a bit of Go Diego Go and Winnie the Poo. At bedtime we read a story and Peanut went to sleep. I went downstairs and made some progress on the ottoman and Heath got ready for her soccer game.

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11 Responses to Last post about pets for a while

  1. Stooks says:

    The Royal will still be there, Geoff, and so will you for every dramatic moment. 

  2. Ge-off says:

    Damn you and the American Royal Rodeo, Stooks.


    i am partial to the hobos of the west bottoms that surround kemper . . . they will be missed downtown. 


    I went to the basketball games at the sprint center last night.  It’s a pretty cool place.  They were completely unprepared for a large crowd though and I waited in line for at least 30 minutes (not an exaggeration) for the concession stand.  They have a hotdog that I think you would enjoy, The.  It’s a 1/2lbs. dog, topped with bbq and brisket and served with fried onion slivers on top . . . there’s also a condiment bar where you can load on jalapenos and onions if you please. 

    Oh, and listen to this shit.  We were waiting in line to get into the SC and we see this group waiting up by the door for someone to join them.  Eventually the rest of their party joins them and they cut right in front of us in line, right as we are ready to walk in the door . . . the lady turns and says, "sorry, we’ve been waiting here for a while" . . . as if that’s an effing justification for her cutting infront of everyone.  I’m quite certain that the only reason she cut sharon off instead of dan, myself or zender is because she knew sharon wouldn’t say anything . . . regardless, it pissed me off and pretty much ruined my night.

  5. Stooks says:

    I’m very excited to see how this ottoman project turns out.  I keep picturing that old coffee table with all the bottle caps on it. 

  6. thePrewitt says:

    That makes me angry just hearing about it. It drives me nuts when people are jerks and they just count on no one making a scene. We were waiting in line at Aldi the other day and the line curved off to the side and an old lady tried to cut out the curve and get in front of us. When the line moved ahead we used our faster reaction time to reclaim our place in line. Then when we were checking out she starts telling customers that she let us go first because we look like we are in a hurry. I give her a look like WTF old lady and she says "it’s ok you can go first"


    I am happy about that dog and am sad I missed out on one when I was at Garth. Maybe we should actually go see Arena Football this year?


  7. thePrewitt says:

    This one is more like the TV stand that holds all the DVDs in my basement though. Once I found the hidden treasure of dumpster lumber my furniture building style changed.

  8. Ge-off says:

    I hate when people try to cut, either in a line, or when merging into a crowded highway.  Like when people know they aren’t going to get in right away so they decided to just drive as normal until the lane ends and just keep driving.  Now that I have a big truck, I usually move over and block people I suspect of this.  One time, this guy almost went off the road completely just to try and get around me.


    but are they having arena football at the SC?  i refuse to go if it’s at kemper . . .

    they’ve got all sorts of different vendors.  i’m going again tonight, maybe i’ll try the mexican food vendor . . . or maybe pizza.  i dunno, i’m going to mix it up a bit.

    i kept saying how rude it was that they cut loud enough for the people to hear me.  hopefully i got my point across.  if something like that happens again, i’m going to tell them to move to the back. 

    arrrgggh, i’m getting angry again . . . i waited in line too damnit.  just because they waited next to the line for longer than i waited in the line doesn’t entitle them to my effing spot.  that bitch.  i wish i was a tracker so i could hunt them down and give them a piece of my mind. 

  10. Ge-off says:

    I’m pretty sure the Bridgade is moving to the Sprint Center now that it is opened.  I’d be up for some Arena Football at the SC.  I don’t think anyone will ever go back to Kemper for anything now that the Sprint Center is opened.

    That lady was a real bitch Kevin.  You should have taken action.  Somebody should have taken action.  What was Sharon doing at the front anyways? 

  11. thePrewitt says:

    Kemper was and is better then the new Arena.

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