First snows

Well it has been several days since a post and it snowed twice. Once Wednesday and once Saturday morning.

Heath caught this picture on Saturday morning before the snow melted.

Do you see something strange on the roof in the picture above. maybe something red and black. Well lets zoom in and go back to Friday to check it out.

It was Santa Claus!

We put up Christmas lights and a light up Santa on our house Friday morning.

Right now we just have red lights all along the front of our house and some blue ones in this bush on the right that looks like a Christmas tree.

Stooks and Heath were there to either help or watch me fall off the roof.

Well that is about it for pictures over the long weekend. Other then this one from Thanksgiving at my Grandma’s house.

We headed to my Grandma’s on Wednesday night and first celebrated my cousin Thomas’ 9th birthday on Wednesday then had a great big thanksgiving on Thursday. I got to make a big pile of sweet potato fries and they got gobbled up in no time.

Thursday night we went home and broke out some wine and headed into the basement. Stooks and Stephen came over and we got a fire going and some drinks going and had a good night hanging in the basement. Friday we woke up and put up lights then worked on stuff around the house all day. Heath and my sister Kelly made Christmas cards and eventually Chris joined us and we went out to dinner at Ugly Joe’s. We got some beer and liquor on the way home then broke out the wii and played that late into the night.

Saturday Heath had to go to work flipping pancakes and I had made a todo list for myself.

  1. Turn off Water to outside valves (to prevent freezing in the pipes)
  2. Clean out ash in fireplace (we have had a lot of fires and had built up a lot)
  3. Fix hole in basement window (the hole was there when we moved in and I just filled it with silicon and covered in w/ a small board)
  4. Change fuses in basement (I wanted smaller fuses in a few spots)
  5. Split last of firewood (I had about 30min worth of crummy wood to split up and stack)
  6. Get Fabric and foam for ottoman (I met Heath at some fabric place and we found stuff we liked

I got all of these done then took a shower and watched some movie called Violet that confused me.
Then Stooks came back and we went back to Ugly Joe’s to get a table for the MU-KU game. We got there at 5 (for the 7:00) game and got the last table. It was an interesting night and I’m sure Matt will have some stories/pictures on After the game we went to Stephen’s for a few drinks and some pool then wondered back to my house for some wii tennis.

Sunday I got up early and bought some brakes for my truck then put them on. Then I made lunch and watched the Chiefs game with Matt and Heath. After the game Heath and I checked out her brakes and found they were in good shape. We did not do much the rest of the day and went to bed real early.

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