Its time for some PBR

No not bull riding

beer for $0.25 a draw!

Heath and I went back to Ugly Joe’s again last night to find out what the $0.25 PBR Draws were all about. We had seen it in the menu a few times but never tried it out. Well here are the details:

Starts at 7 (before 7 you pay happy hour prices)
Ugly Joe’s is large and not overly crowded, it was easy to get an attentive waitress
Beers are actually $0.50 for 2 beers in one large cup
2 beers = 22oz at Ugly Joe’s
$0.50 for 22oz of delicious PBR is …

So it was a success and definitely worth going back for. I think showing up at 6:45 and getting a happy hour special on appetizers or something is a good move then getting after the PBRs. I was kind of surprised when a table of lesbians moved in behind us. Normally lesbians don’t surprise me but this was twice in two visits to this bar that we sat next to tables full of obvious lesbians. I had to survey the bar to make sure we were not hanging out at a gay bar w/ out realizing it and I’m fairly sure we were not and it was just a coincidence.

Well before the PBR got the best of us I got on the roof and made some adjustments to the Christmas lights. When putting up the lights it was amazingly the perfect length to plug in on one side and hook them all together to go the whole way across the house. I split them in the middle to give Santa light and it all worked out perfect. Too perfect, the first string in the line blew a fuse in the cord, twice. So last night I decided it was too much to have them all through one cord so I had to run a second extension cable and connect 1/2 the lights to it. It looks the exact same but is probably safer and will not burn out every other night (I hope). I never took a picture at night but need to do that so you all can see.

After the lights were fixed Heath and I went for a run on the loop near my house. I have a 1.17 mile loop that I really like running, it has a big hill to go up and another to go down no matter what direction I take the loop. Also the loop has 2 extensions that can be added to it for a longer run and I never have to stop for traffic or anything. I like running 1 loop every day better then a big run every now and then. I think I get in the same amount of miles a week but it is much easier to schedule.

After the loop, Heath tossed a salad and I wrapped chicken in bacon onion and jalapeños then put them on the grill. Heath also fried some cabbage and garlic then we ate and watched "How I met your Mother". Both the show and the meal were great. Once done eating we took quick shower, got ready and went on the PBR adventure.

Since I drove we did not have too many PBRs and headed home to find out who House was going to cut from the show. I was sleepy and watched a rerun of the office before going to bed.

That was it for the day but this morning I didn’t get the trash out before the garbage man came so we will have double the trash next week.

(double purpose picture)

Where should we get a Christmas tree? I think our plan is to get a real one this year and then after Christmas when stores are getting rid of the fake ones we grab one at a discount. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to get a tree? Should we find one of those places where we pick one out and cut it down ourselves? Just go to the closest parking lot full of trees and pick one up? Any advice, warnings, questions we should ask? I would like to go get one on Friday when Peanut is back and have him in on the tree process. Before getting the tree we may take Peanut Christmas shopping. Last night while drinking delicious PBR

we decided to take Peanut to a $1 store, take him for a loop around the whole store and then have him pick out a gift for everyone, all his family and friends and anyone we can think of that he would like to give a present to. We will let him pick out whatever he wants and then help wrap them up and give them out. It may be terrible or it may be really funny or everyone will end up with candy that Peanut will ask to share.



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13 Responses to Its time for some PBR

  1. Stooks says:

    Maybe the lesbians are trying to recruit Heath into their ranks, that’s why they’re stalking you.  I’d be careful, Chris.  She seems easily convertible, and not in the fun threesome type of way. 

  2. Heather says:

    Stooks, until you grow a vagina, you are now unoffically uninvited over. Love the Lesbian.


    the lower, back, midsection of that waitress with a tat on matt’s website looked like the lower, back, midsection of a lesbian to me . . . maybe she gives them a discount. 

    isn’t it supposed to be a sports bar?  if there’s one thing gays hate, it’s sports.  i think you’re safe.


    i think you should cut one down yourself.  it seems more "the prewitt" than just getting one in a lot.

    oh yeah, and when you’re done with the tree, you should probably cut it up and burn it in the fireplace.  that would help get the smell of all that lesbian crotch out of your house since heath is converting and there are sure to be piles of lesbians over there.

  5. Stooks says:

    Best mental picture this week. 

  6. Stooks says:

    Prewitt, why haven’t you done this yet?

  7. thePrewitt says:

    Jon and I talked about building one out at the pits in Pittsburg ours would be simpler then

    We were just going to dig a big hole, line it with plastic, fill it with water and run pipes to it and through a fire that we would have going.  Then we started talking about making one out of a ruined boat and making it portable. 

    Other projects got in the way I suspose.  

  8. Heather says:

    in my salad for lunch…I guess if you hear something enough, you begin to believe it.

    L the L

  9. thePrewitt says:

    has anyone ever done this or seen a place arround here to do it? I agree it would be most fun but I’m not sure where to go.


    but i think it was a little bit of a drive . . . i can’t remember where it was.  here is a page i found on google . . . maybe call some of these . . . you can also go on sleigh rides at some of them!


    that’s an aquinas family’s lot . . . the wegmans. 

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