Do you know what this is?

Looks like a small army of small yellow men but it is really a $2 set of construction men that we got at Wal-mart and Peanut (and I) love to play with in the tub.

Well last night started out with getting some mesquite marinated chicken on the grill, some wheat rolls in the oven, some asparagus and peas in a pan and a salad in a bowl. Then I braved the chilly wind for a run on my loop. I felt like doing more then the loop but I am going to run several miles tonight with Jon and drink a few beers on the way to work out any kinks in the triathlon route. If you are up for some practice let me know. I think we will run from my house to Flo’s, to Corner, back by Flo’s for a BBQ sandwich then home but the test route is really up in the air still.

After my quick run I finished preparing dinner and then we ate. Heath vetoed the trip to the library and pet store claiming it to be too cold. I had started a fire after work and stoked it up. Then we got out the rest of the Christmas ornaments and stuff and got the tree loaded up.

Our tree is a white pine and it looks great but the branches are kinda difficult to hang stuff from. We eventually got it all loaded up and hung our stockings above the fireplace on some custom hooks I fabricated with a piece of a hanger.

The last of the Christmas decorations did not take long so Peanut got to take an extra long bath. He was pretty excited. We played several games with the construction crew but most of the time we got them all set up on some important job then a Peanut Monster with big muscles would come and tear them apart.

We did a few videos of the carnage and I’ll try to get them up on you tube and added to the site later this morning. For some reason Peanut and I have gotten into taking silly pictures together and we wanted to preserve us with this crew so I took this picture.


After bath time it was bedtime and we got Peanut ready to go and in bed. I headed down to the shop to listen to Car Talk and work on the ottoman project.

I had put lots of clear coat down on the table surface and so screwed it to the bottom of the padded surface and then added more clear coat over the screws. Then I worked on the trim pieces that will hold the top on. I need 4 pieces with 45 degree angles on each side and they need to fit just right. I think i got 2 that are good and 3 that are too short or have some defect. Then H and I watched Nip / Tuck and went to bed.

I wanted to go over my schedule for the next few days so you have a warning. Tomorrow I’ll be here posting no problem (I think). Then Saturday is the Triathlon, I hope to see everyone show and brave any potential bad weather or being out of shape. Sunday morning I hope to sleep in as much as I can then head to the airport and fly to Vegas. Chris Cakes is throwing "a Christmas Party no one will forget" by taking the whole staff to Vegas for free, including plane, room, some gambling money and who knows what else. The staff was allowed to bring a guest for $400 so I am going too.

I’ll be out till like Midnight on Tuesday and maybe longer. Heath and I are going to volunteer to take a later flight or whatever if something comes up where a flight is overbooked or anything. We really want to get some free plane tickets so we can fly to Seattle to see Pops. So I’ll not be posting Mon and Tues and hopefully Wednesday.


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    can i start work at chris cakes before the trip and still get included?  i won’t have a job after the 14th, so i’ll be a dedicated employee until something else comes along.

    that is the most bad ass x-mas party i’ve ever heard of . . .

  2. Heather says:

    Yeah, I am really excited.  If you are for real wanting to work part time (or even full time until you find something else…) I can get the contact info to you.  They are also looking for an assistant manager at the chris cakes kitchen restraunt (the party is only for the flippers for the catoring business) if you are interested in that until you find something else…. just a few ideas to help keep you out of the red!

    But sorry, no luck on getting in on the Vegas Trip!


    i think i might enjoy my unemployment for a while, but that could be an option . . . we’ll discuss this weekend.

  4. Stooks says:

    If you’re getting back into the restaurant business, you have to do it at McDonald’s with Shaheena.  I’m invited, too. 

  5. Ge-off says:

    that’s a great Christmas party.  What if someone is Jewish?  Are they invited?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I get to go see Billy Joel tonight…..and the best part about it……IIIIIIT’S FRRRRREEEEE!

  7. Ge-off says:

    that annonymous coward was me.  I cleared my Firefox cache when I was testing something and forgot to log in again.  Embarassed

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