playing in the snow

The first real snow is always so exciting and we all rushed outside.

I got stuck a work a bit longer then normal and got home to find H had already started a fire and Peanut was coloring in a coloring book. Jon showed up shortly after I got home and we were not sure what to do. We had planned to run to Flo’s and Corner Cocktail and stop for drinks and test out the triathlon route.

The snow was not a huge problem but we did not want to stumble into the bar soaking wet. We decided to drive one truck out to Corner and eat and have a few beers. We sat at the bar and drank Natty and got the mini tasty cheddar burger.

Then we ran back to my house. There was snow everywhere so it was not immediately clear where the sidewalk ended and began. We stuck to the west side of the road and had no problems. There were a couple of bushes along the way that could have used some trimming to make the path wider but otherwise that stretch of the run will be fine. It starts out a gentle down slope to Flo’s then up a bit for a while then down again until we get to Creekside or Billy B’s.

Jon and I did not really feel like stopping at Flo’s for a drink and instead had an extra one at Corner and ran past Flo’s,

We got home to watch Peanut and Heath eat dinner and tell us tales of sledding in the back yard. After we had left they bundled up and headed outside. Originally they were going to sled on a plastic tub lid but eventually they found my sled in the shed and tried it out.

They started in the front yard by where I often park my truck and rode through the gate and down the hill, past the sewer drain, around the bush and all the way to fence at the back of the yard. That’s a pretty good long run and I am glad to find out it is steep enough and easy to turn around the obstacles.

We all had ice cream cones after dinner and I drove Jon back to his truck. When I got home we screwed around a bit, then got Peanut in bed. I was sweaty from my run and took a shower. I ran in boots and lined jeans and decided that was a bad idea for the real run and stick to running pants and cut offs with sneakers.

H and I folded laundry and watched TV till bed.


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8 Responses to playing in the snow

  1. Heather says:

    Geoff, tell us the many tales of Billy Joel!!!

     And sledding was a blast! Our yard is perfect….I know when grant is able to sled by himslef, he will be out there all the time! 


    if you wear sweat pants, how are we ever going to get into the Levee?

    that’s funny that you ate a Corner, because for some reason yesterday i had the biggest craving for a Corner Cocktail burger or two . . .

  3. Ge-off says:

    The show was awesome.  We had great tickets and Billy really rocked it out towards the end playing all the classic hits.  His encore included "Only the Good Die Young" and "Piano Man".  We ran into some people we know after the show and they said during Piano Man, Ashley and I were on the big screen.  Basically, I’m a superstar now.


    how’d you get the tickets . . . sharon and i were talking about how it would be a good concert to go to.  bad billy joel songs are few and far between.

  5. Ge-off says:

    Ashley’s sister that works at Entercom got them.  They had 10 total.  We were sitting behind the stage about 20 rows up, but William Joel was sideways most of the time so we had a great view of everything.

    It’s possible I can get my hands on Bon Jovi tickets too, but I will not know until the week of the concert in April probably. 

  6. Heather says:

    That will be WAY cool if you get to go to Bon Jovi!  He rocks…and if you ever feel like you need a "shot through the heart"  Jon does a mean karaoke version!

  7. Heather says:

    Kevin, only snobs go into the levee.  I thought you figured that out on the first run?

  8. Stooks says:

    Silly Heath. 

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