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Have you ever seen this game on the Wii?

Heath and I got really into it and the other multi player WarioWorld Games Saturday.

Well Friday was a busy hectic day at work and so one home I took it easy. After work Matt came over and joined Heath and I for a beer then a long trip to US.Toy. Heath made us walk down ever isle and we were saddened to find that a lot of stuff there was expensive. Jon came over and once home I cooked up some pork chop, rice and veggies for us and it was pretty good. Heath was worn out and stuck to the couch so Jon Matt and I went downstairs to find something to do. It was cold when we got down there. We turned up the thermostat down there but nothing happened. We looked at the furnace and found both of them (one for upstairs and one for basement).

The next 30-45minutes was really exciting as we went from not knowing we had a problem, to fixing the furnace. We figured out what parts did what and how they worked, figured out what parts could be bad and causing the problem then found something not quite write on a part that we tweaked and fixed everything.

Then we decided to play foosball. We had not used the table much since moving in so we leveled it then played a bunch of 1 on 1 games. We actually had a lot of fun doing it and I could see the table getting more use now. That was about it for the night we were tired and started watching TV and fell asleep.

In the morning I cooked breakfast then we went on a massive trip to Wal-Mart for lots of groceries and Christmas presents. Then we ate lunch and did some stuff around the house before Heath and I went to my KCUR Christmas Party. It was a good Christmas party and Heath really enjoyed the martini bar. After the party H and I went home and got out the wii.

We played for hours and hours all by ourselves and had a ton of fun.

In the morning Jon and Matt came back over and we all ate a big lunch of some strange stroganoff hamburger helper thing I made with turkey burger, kielbasa sausage, corn, celery and whatever else. It was surprisingly fantastic and we ate it during the chiefs game.

After the game H and I went into productivity mode and got to work on the house. First we rearranged the guest bedroom to be more useful. Here are some terrible pictures of the room

from hallway strait in

from hallway looking left

from closet looking strait from closet looking right

This is the biggest bedroom in the house but we really have it loaded up. There are 2 office desks, one kitchen table w/ removable leaf, a full bed, a small dresser, and an entertainment center w/ tv and dvd player. One desk is for computer and office stuff the other and the table is Heath’s new and improved scrap booking station and the TV and bed are the guest room.

The pics look terrible but the room turned out great we were really pleased. I took pictures of our newly rearranged master bedroom and they were far worse and so did not put them up. We also got rid of a couch and took it to one of Heath’s friends then wrapped all the Christmas presents and put them under the tree and washed a massive pile of laundry and folded and put it away.

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  1. Stooks says:

    It looks as if Heath’s name for Starnose is "Goat."  What, if anything, should we read into this?

  2. Heather says:

    Nothing! Nothing at all!!!

  3. thePrewitt says:

    probably just because i entered both names. One day she will be comfortable with goats.

  4. Ge-off says:

    In case anyone didn’t see, Dan Fogelberg died. 

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