Scary Story

blood bath?

Not exactly but one word is right.

Well there was a bit of confusion with craigslist sale of my old mattress. The first person to ask for it was unsure if she would be able to pick it up Wednesday night or have to wait for the weekend. I continued to get more offers but could not coordinate for a sooner pick up. The first person was so enthusiastic about the mattress I felt I should work with her. I found out where she lived and it was not too far out of the way on my way home from work.


So I agreed to deliver the mattress yesterday. I planned to take a late lunch and go pick it up from home and take it over right after work. Unfortunately I had a very busy day and never got a chance to take a lunch break. So it became not on my way when I had to run home pick it up then take it over and head back home.

As you have noticed I have been excited about the buying and selling of things on craigslist lately and most of the time it works out just fine but I am a little nervous about the transactions. Each exchange has made me a bit uneasy. Cutting down someones tree is no big deal you show up wielding a chainsaw and nobody asks questions. Earlier this week I knocked on some door just because someone e-mail me w/ their address and since I showed up at the appropriate time they just let me in. They had the mattress right by the door and the guy was nice, the mattress looked good and everything was great.

The next night Heath got some pictures and left me and Peanut in the car and wondered into a large building full of apartments. It seemed to take her a long time and I began to wonder. I sat there talking to Peanut and wondering what I would do if she didn’t come back what a mess that would be, but she did.

Then last nights mattress sale was possibly the best chance for something crazy to happen. Somehow I decided to deliver it and I find this house at the end of a dead end. The yard was full of boxes and tools and materials possibly for some massive renovation project but possibly it was just always there. There was several vehicles in the driveway that may or may not run. I walk up the slick driveway and am greeted by a smoking somewhat attractive girl who is excited and keeps calling me by my name.

She says just a sec and I will help with the mattress. I go back to the truck to take off the straps and tarp. Then a tall goofy looking guy comes out to help move the mattress. I say hello or something and he grunts a bit or mumbled something. He had wacky teeth so it’s a tough call.

The gal watches us climb the ice driveway and lights another cigarette and somehow I am the one backing up into a strange house with a mattress in my arms. I am backed into the house a ways then into a bedroom and toward an empty water bed frame. We carefully miss the fan and get it in the the frame. They could easily take a step back shut and lock the door and I would be stuck.

But no they were really cool and the guy says something about it being great and how the ice sucks she asks me how much my gas was over here and I say "Ohh don’t worry about it $25 is great for it". She says well I don’t want change for my $30 and handed me the cash. We thanked each other and I was headed home with no stab wounds or anything.

So it was not really scary at all but my imagination was working.

Then I went home and started a fire and got a few things ready for dinner and the rest of the night. Productiveness from last night began to creep over. Heath and Peanut got home and we filled Heath’s tires with air and played with the compressor for a while. Then went to Big Lots in search of possible Christmas presents but did not see anything great and the huge line to checkout deterred us from getting anything that was ok. We then went to CVS and picked up some more pictures.

Then we went home and built up the fire. I got broccoli, fries, canned chili, pizza rolls and some melon ready and Heath and Peanut got some hot dogs on skewers and over the fire. We ate then Peanut watched tv briefly and I worked on Christmas card stuff. Then Peanut got in the tub and Heath and I did a bunch of work on the cards. I found a good time to take a break and went for a run. After about 1/4 a mile I regretted eating the chili dogs but chugged along. It was not real cold last night so other then chili beans and hot dog trying to escape my bowls the run was nice. I got home and played with Peanut for a while then hopped in the tub too and we took showers. We tried several times but he was having so much fun he did not want out of the tub. I think he was in there for 90 minutes.

Eventually we got him out, dry and in pajamas. Then we read a book and went to bed. I cleaned up the kitchen and did all the dishes from the last two nights. Then I worked on making a meatloaf. The beef (no more deer meat) was still frozen so I got all the other ingredients prepared and in a large bowl so tonight all I need to do is stick in the meat mix it up and stick it in the oven. Then I headed downstairs and did some vacuuming and cleaning and organizing. The storage area had gotten off the shelves and on the floor all over so I cleaned all that up and got some things in good order. Then I got ready for bed.

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3 Responses to Scary Story

  1. Heather says:

    did everyone already take off for christmas? I have a 1/2 day of work tomorrow I’m trying to get out of, but comon guys…slacking off on Thursday too?

  2. Stooks says:

    I got my hopes up that you had one of your spontaneous bleeding sessions while moving the mattress and got blood all over the White T house.

  3. Heather says:

    Till those annoying Christmas songs fall off the radio play list until Halloween of next year! 

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